Minutes of December 3, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recroder), Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno
Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Marilyn Herod, Dean Meister


  1. Student Services Conference
  2. Hiring voucher employees
  3. WebCT Update
  4. CS’s service desk hours vs. Reading Room Hrs
  5. Information Sharing

1. Student Services Conference

Rose, Georgina and Marc attended the 7th Annual Student Services Conference held on Nov 21. Rose passed around a copy of the conference itinerary, which detailed various information sessions. Those who attended the conference found it to be a good experience and suggested others try to attend next year’s conference.

2. Hiring voucher employees

Group reviewed ideas for the interview guidelines, including job skills, preferences for hiring Graduate students over Undergraduate students, starting pay-rates and increases etc.

Rose will continue to gather information and complete a first draft for January’s meeting.

3. WebCT Update

Rose and Megan will set up a meeting time to work on WebCT over the next month. Rose also suggested that those who are interested in learning WebCT check out the teaching excellence center website for future training workshops.

4. Collection Services’s desk hours vs. Reading Room Hrs

Yuhwei wanted to ask the group their opinion on what the posted hrs of the periodical counter at Alexander library should reflect. Currently the posted hours co-inside with the circulation desk but it has been confusing to patrons because the reading room remains open longer hours even if the desk is not staffed.

The group suggested that the hours posted should reflect when the room is opened to the public. A note should be included with an asterick stating that the desk is not staffed the whole time.

5. Information Sharing

Georgina announced she is in need of another voucher work extended hours in the evening.

Annex hired two new voucher employees.

Megan had to terminate one workstudy student at Chemistry for inappropriate work behavior.

Next Meeting - January 7, 2003 2:00pm at Annex

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