Minutes of February 4, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs
Ray Balter, Mike Mansouri, Dean Meister


  1. Update on guidelines for hiring voucher employees
  2. Updated statistics on current W/S and Vouchers
  3. Circulation training manual for students
  4. Workstudy requests for next FY
  5. Budget Updates
  6. Information Sharing
  7. March Meeting 3/3/04

1. Update on guidelines for hiring voucher employees

Guidelines for hiring voucher employees is 90% completed. Final draft will be shown at next coordinators meeting for review. Rose is waiting for clarification on procedures for placing a voucher on payroll from administration before completing last section of the guidelines.

Work on the WebCT page will continue after the Circulation Functional Group completes its two training sessions at the end of February.

2. Updated statistics on current W/S and Vouchers

Group members shared current numbers of Workstudy and voucher employees. Rose will contact Art, Chang, SERC and Douglass Library for their spring semester numbers.


Total number of part-time employees: 268
Total number of work-study students: 189

3. Circulation training manual for students

Priscilla shared with the group work she has so far done on an online training program on general procedures students should know when working on the circulation desk. Megan I. and Priscilla will work on adding procedures for using the HOLD MAINTENANCE icon from the WORKFLOWS toolbar.

Rose will work with Michele T. and the Circulation Functional group to collaborate the work on the student online manual with the Circulation FG staff manual.

4. Workstudy requests for next FY

Workstudy job descriptions and student requests are due to the university’s Student Employment office by March 5th. Libraries Administrative office would like these forms completed and handed in to them by Monday, February 16th for review and proper signatures. Rose asked if anyone needed help with writing job descriptions they should contact her this week.

5. Budget Updates

Group shared concern on not receiving timely reports from library administration. As of 1st week of February most of the group have not received any new budget reports past mid November. Understanding early cutoffs and the amount of manual calculations needed to complete the reports, having these numbers up to date at the beginning of the semester are critical to determining spring semester work schedules for most voucher employees.

6. Information Sharing

New payroll sign off schedules were distributed this week

Rose will be working on an emergency manual for students working evenings and weekends

Alexander students working Extended Hours last week encountered a homeless man trying to hide in the library’s bathroom ceiling.

7. March Meeting 3/3/04

Next Meeting - March 3, 2004 2:30pm, place to be announced

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