Minutes of October 4, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recroder), Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Natascha Owens
Megan Ingegno, Yuhwei Ling


  1. Overview of Fall Training and New Student Workers
  2. November WebCT Workshop
  3. November Student Affairs Conference
  4. Direct Deposit for Students
  5. Incentive Plans for Student Retention and Attendance
  6. Next Meeting

Overview of Fall Training and New Student Workers

Group discussed current student workforce and September training of new student employees. Overall the group has noticed an increase in new workstudy students from last year, which increased training and scheduling for the month of September for most units.

Rose asked everyone to send her the most current numbers on student and part-time employees by email.

NBACS Part-Time Employees as of 10/19/04

LibraryTotalW/SVoucherNew W/SNew Voucher

November WebCT Workshop

A workshop has been scheduled for November 3rd with Joe Delaney from Teaching Excellence Center. Rose met with Mr. Delaney earlier in the month and worked out a detailed training session for the functional group. The WebCT workshop will include some aspects of the current Teaching Excellence centers WebCT workshops I and II but will be more geared toward the libraries use of WebCT and not the conventional use of WebCT by professors. Most of the course will review creating quizzes and organizing central information.

Rose has booked the IHL at Alexander Library for November 3rd at 2:30pm for the workshop, which will take place during the groups normal meeting time.

November Student Affairs Conference

Georgina shared an email with the group on the next annual Student Life/Student Services Conference being held on Friday, November 19th. Rose will forward the group the email for further information and website access. Marc, Georgina and Rose attended the conference last year and found it very informative. The conference is geared toward professional development for staff directly involved with students on campus. Dining Services, RUPD, Health Services, RUCS were some examples of departments at the university last year who set up booths at the beginning of the conference handing out information.

The group would like to see the possibility of the library being involved in future conferences.

Direct Deposit for Students

Rose reminded the group that effective October 1st all part-time employees can sign up for direct deposit. Forms should be filled out and handed in to your administrator not payroll on the Busch Campus as indicated. If an employee is requesting direct deposit to a checking account a voided blank check is required with the form.

Incentive Plans for Student Retention and Attendance

Group discussed some ways of increasing student retention rates and overall attendance. Currently the group feels we are all working in a positive direction toward overall student management and keeping up student moral. One of the ways to continue to keep our good students is a reward system. The group discussed various options such as nominating student of month or semester, organizing a central party for all students including raffles and prizes. The group will continue to discuss these options and others in a future meeting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2:30pm
Information Handling Lab, Alexander Library

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