Minutes of June 1, 2005 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recorder), Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Megan Ingegno Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman
Georgina Alonzo


  1. Announcements
  2. Desktop Directory pilot at Alexander
  3. WebCT summer projects and updates
  4. Summer workstudy students
  5. Updates to Student Guide and orientation packets

1. Announcements

The group welcomed Gillian Newton as the newest member of the SAFG. Gillian will be assisting Rose with student coordination at Alexander Library.

Two noteworthy workshops are being offered by RU Human Resources this summer, “Supervising Student Staff” at 9am on Tue Aug 16th and “The Millennials – Who are they?” at 9am on Wed Aug 10th. You can sign up for the workshops by visiting uhr.rutgers.edu/profdev

Rose passed out copies of the revised RDS job description. Over the next month Rose will continue to update and revise all current job descriptions to completion. In the next meeting the group will go over job descriptions for final review. All job descriptions should be completed and ready to use in August as staff prepare to hire vouchers for the fall semester.

The most recent version of the Employee Contact sheet was distributed.

2. Desktop Directory pilot at Alexander

Students at Alex have been using the most recent version of the Desktop directory. Most student reviews have been favorable. Students have enjoyed easy access to FAQ’s at the front desk. Minor changes would need to be made to the library name location and the removal of some links to the left scroll bar. The only problems so far have been trying to keep the Desktop on the screen. Some have mistaken it for a webpage and close out the program not knowing how to bring it back up.

For those who would like to start using the Desktop Directory at their units should contact Marc to customize their Desktop. Marc will be willing to edit the links on the scroll bar to include schedules and contact information for students

3. WebCT summer projects and updates

Rose has asked those who would like additional training on WebCT to contact her before the end of the month. Rose would like to complete all the necessary training before the July meeting.

Rose will meet with Nita on Tuesday to discuss plans for RDS training on WebCT. Rose will also schedule meetings with other coordinators to discuss training for Reserves and Circulation.

For the July meeting Rose will create a call number quiz and tutorial for WebCT. The quiz will be available for everyone to review before the July meeting.

Megan I. will send Rose current quiz questions she uses at Physics. Rose would also like to create a quiz based on the Current Student Guide and orientation information.

The group discussed our overall goal in using WebCT to communicate with our students. Overall the group agreed that WebCT will be useful for training but for some units it may not be the most efficient way to communicate daily information quickly to students because students have to log into WebCT.

4. Summer workstudy students

Summer workstudy will begin this year on Monday, June 20th. As in the past couple of years the number of summer workstudy students assigned to each location is limited. If you currently have workstudy students working for you under voucher or know of any workstudy students who would like to work at your location for the summer you should have them go the Student Employment office ASAP. If your returning students do not fill out forms they will not be able to work at your units for the summer on workstudy and you will be assigned new students for the summer.

5. Updates to Student Guide and Orientation Packets

Before the meeting the most recent copy of the Student Guide was emailed to the group. Rose would like everyone to review the document and bring any changes, additions or corrections to the July meeting. The document will need to be updated in July so copies can be made and distributed for the Orientation Packets in August.

A section on emergency procedures will be added to the Student Guide for review in July. Rose will look into modifying the glossary section removing terms that are available in an RUL brochure.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, July 6th 2:30pm

Meeting moved to Monday, July 11th 2:30pm Hughes Room, Alexander Library

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