Minutes of April 5, 2006 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace, Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Megan Ingegno, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Alfreda Richardson, Adam Wolfson, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman
Absent and Excused: Maggie Harris
Kristin Ko, Rae Wong


  1. Announcements
  2. Increase in minimum wage/budget effects
  3. Hourly Employee mold awareness
  4. Hourly Employee Assessments/Evaluations
  5. Student Appreciation Week plans
  6. Next Meeting

1. Announcements:

The group welcomed Rae Wong as a guest. Rae is a new employee at Chang Library, the group also welcomed Kristin Ko visiting from the Art Library.

The group discussed the new check distribution system, which began on March 31, at some locations. Jazmine mentioned a problem at the Annex, the checks eventually arrived at TSB which is the new pick-up location, in the afternoon. There were some concerns that weekend employees with other jobs during the week may not be able to pick up checks during the new restricted hours. They are encouraged to send an email stating their problem. The budget office will monitor this and consider assigning an evening person to distribute checks if necessary. Students should be encouraged to sign up for direct deposit of their checks.

The Student Employee of the Year ceremony is on Monday 4/10/06 from 10 am to 12 pm. Refreshments will be served. Nominated students may bring their parents or guests. Rose, Chiaki, Melanie and Georgina were nominated for Student Supervisor of the Year.

Timetrak - there have been a few glitches with the new system. Some coordinators have found the "Apply punches" feature to be time-consuming. You have to go through the cards one by one to activate this feature. The procedure of two departments sharing a student worker is also cumbersome as only one supervisor can see their card. Therefore the process involves much checking and faxing between the two departments. Rose will ask Nancy Hendrickson for an explanation of this procedure. Rose reported that the Budget Office are going to set up the parameters for several reports which are run on a regular basis, so that they do not need to be set up each time.

2. Increase in minimum wage/budget effects

Rose needs projections for budget increases needed due to the increase in minimum wages for voucher employees in the Fall 2006. She needs to know how much more money is needed for this expense. Raises should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine fairness of each situation.

Rose reminded everyone that the Fiscal year ends on June 14. Freshman students will be paid $7.15 per hour (Step 1) and returning students $7.50 per hour (Step 2). Year round voucher employees take a month off each year. This can be factored into the calculations. Rose distributed information giving examples of how to calculate additional funds. The estimated additional funds each unit will need are due to Rose in two weeks.

3. Hourly Employee mold awareness

Andy Martinez has sent a link for a Collection Management Group Mold Tutorial PowerPoint for students to obtain information about the mold problem.
(Group Documentation>Collection Management>Mold Tutorial).

Recent problems with mold at Alex have highlighted the importance of this information for Circulation, RDS and Collection Management student employees. Books with active mold should not be checked out or shelved again. These books are generally not fixable. Rose stressed the importance of students either watching the PowerPoint as part of training or reading the pamphlets available from Collection Management which may be distributed.

4. Hourly Employee Assessments/Evaluations

The Assessment process with Student Employees was discussed. Evaluations are going well at Alex. Rose reported that some Freshman students were asking about the procedure for returning to the library in the Fall. The new Guard/Welcome desk responsibilities were also discussed. Linda had had good feedback and was able to discuss a problem area with students. Alfreda met with the day crew and found their comments very honest. It is hard for her to meet with the night crew but she is able to evaluate the quality of their work by inspecting the situation when she arrives to see if all tasks have been completed in her absence. Georgina had seen some improvements since she met with her students last month. Chiaki reminded some of the senior students at Douglass that they would need to show improvement if they wished her to provide a recommendation for future employment. Rose reminded everyone to consider which students they want back and which they will request do not return.

All agreed it was a good plan to touch base with all students in this process once a year.

5. Student Appreciation Week plans

Everyone discussed how they will celebrate Student Appreciation Week from April 9 to 15. LSM are providing treats each day, Linda in Collection Services in going to ask the staff to provide snacks and drinks, Alex will have a two or three day event with special food and treats. Kilmer plans something similar. The Art Library are making up goodie bags with small treats, Jazmine may have a piñata. It is a problem for the smaller single staff member libraries to provide a special event, as they have no space or budget to do this.

6. Next Meeting

May meeting cancelled. Next meeting in June, date to be determined.

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