Minutes of July 5, 2006 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Alfreda Richardson, Rae Wong, Chiaki Yamada
Megan Ingegno, Linda Zuckerman, Jazmine Faherty
Bill Bejarano


  1. Announcements
  2. Budget impact, ideas to save voucher funds over the summer
  3. RDS WebCT quiz revisions
  4. Updates and distribution of orientation packets for Fall
  5. Next Meeting

1. Announcements:

The group welcomed Bill Bejarano from LSM DTS (Collection Services) as a guest.

The group discussed the new covered drink policy, in particular what types of containers are allowed and which are not permitted. Further clarification is required before student workers can be trained to reinforce this policy.

Rose outlined minor revisions to be made to the student guide and employee agreement prior to the fall distribution of the orientation packages to students.

Rose is finalizing the Annual Report due Friday 7/7/06. Achievements to include in the report were:

2. Budget impact and ideas to save voucher funds over the summer

Judy Gardner's recent staff meeting was discussed with regard to its impact on student staffing. Their will be a dramatic cut to our voucher budget, exact voucher cuts will not be available until a later date. Possible solutions to meet this staffing shortage include cutting hours of operation and eliminating service points. At Alex discussions are currently underway regarding closure of one of the Reserve Desks, but as other branches only have one service desk this will not be a solution for them.

The summer work study program was discussed. Rose pointed out that students going to the employment office early on are allocated first. Even if students are requested back they may not be assigned if new students pick up their paperwork first. This has happened at Alex, Kilmer and Chemistry. Also students need to go to the work study office a week before the allocation date to try to ensure they will be assigned to the location of their choice. Coordinators must tell the students to go to the Student Employment office one week before the summer work study program starts next year or they may not be placed back at the libraries.

Mike suggested considering local High School programs that give volunteer students credit for employment over the summer. Some schools offer 2 credits for 40 hours volunteered at a place of work. Rose will investigate this option to assist with summer staffing where budget cuts prevent hiring Voucher students.

The time line for allocation of funds was discussed.

3. RDS WebCT quiz revisions

Chiaki, Rose and Priscilla Lee worked on revisions to the RDS training quiz for students in order to clarify the wording in some questions. The quiz is intended for students who work at the Circulation Desk. Marc questioned if a pc was available in each location for training. Rose thought that the quiz could be given at a computer away from the desk after an initial period of practice. She will look into whether each library has a spare terminal for training so that students may log on to WebCT.

Modifications were made to quiz questions 2, 4, 7, 8, and 10.

Rae asked advice on determining a training schedule for new students. Rose and Georgina gave an overview of their training methods and structure. Training at large and small libraries will vary as students at Alex, for example, can learn one desk at a time, so training can be paced. Where as in a smaller branch more tasks may need to be learned in a shorter time. Allowing plenty of hands-on practice is recommended.

4. Updates and distribution of orientation packets for fall

The same information will be included in the package as last year, including the Employment Agreement. Roger plans to discuss with University Counsel the issue of whether the agreement constitutes a legally binding contract, but he instructed that it be included as-is until further notice.

The cover of the student guide needs re-designing.

The confidentiality memo is fine but Rose may ask Judy Gardner to revise her letter about use of library equipment.

Contact information and Direct Deposit forms are useful and will be included.

The call number tutorial will also be included. It was found to be useful in conjunction with the collection management PowerPoint.

The handbook needs minor revisions, for example Collection Services are now DTS (Distributed Technical Services). The new covered drink policy will be mentioned once it is clarified. The check distribution process has also changed and needs updating. DTS student coordinators (Bill and Linda) were asked to add/change any glossary or other information relating to their department.

Mike suggested including Campus Maps. This may be possible.

Rose reminded everyone to let her know how many packets they will need at the next meeting. She will order the supplies. Rose will send all the necessary files to Robeson and Dana so they can make up their own packets for the fall.

5. Next Meeting

Wednesday August 2nd at 2pm. Location TBA.

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