Minutes of November 7, 2006 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Krista Dandurand, Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Theresa Macklin, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Alfreda Richardson, Rae Wong, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman.
Georgina Alonzo, Maggie Harris


  1. Announcements
  2. Updated Job Descriptions
  3. Annual Student Life Conference – November 17.
  4. Student Customer Service Training Update – Captivate Software Training
  5. RUL Marketing/PR Group
  6. Information Sharing
  7. Next Meeting: Wednesday December 6th.

1. Announcements

The group welcomed Theresa Macklin, the new Student Coordinator for Camden. Group members introduced themselves to Theresa.

Roger would like the Student HR Website to be completed by July 2007. The subgroup working on this needs to plan out a timeline for the project. There are issues to resolve concerning design features and the creation of a database for online applications. The site should include job descriptions, pay scales, paycheck distribution procedures and online applications.

WebCT is ending in June. Everything must be moved to Sakai. Sakai does not have such an attractive user interface, although it may be easier to manage for the administrators. We may be able to transfer files to Sakai but at this point the quiz feature, which we use on WebCT, does not work on Sakai. We may be able to create this using Captivate and then download to Sakai.

It is not known at this point if we will need a Student HR site and a student site on Sakai. That will involve a lot of upkeep and potential duplication. Further discussion is needed.

2. Updated Job Descriptions

Rose and Chiaki met to review the voucher job descriptions. Some multiple descriptions of the same job needed to be combined. This should be finalized this week for the group to review.

3. Student Life Conference – November 17

Rose discussed the Conference. Marc will be attending and Rose encouraged anyone else who was interested to request the time to attend. The theme is “Learning in Communities”. The Breakout sessions are usually worthwhile.

4. Student Customer Service Update – Captivate Software Training

Captivate would be a good program to use for Customer Service Training. A brief discussion followed on possible Customer Service training for student workers.

5. RUL Marketing/PR Group

Rose discussed the role of this new group of which she is a member. One aim is to get the word out about the library as a "brand" and to publicize what the library means to undergraduates. Our student workers will be involved as ambassadors for the library, to spread the word on services available at the library.

Some ways students can be involved in the marketing plan include:

Enhanced New Student Orientations for new student workers so that our students have more detailed knowledge of library services. This is a good idea but may be difficult to deliver during Orientations, as there is already so much new information for students to assimilate. May be better to do this as part of ongoing training.

Using Facebook online, which is now open to anyone to post information. RUL now has a presence there

A discussion followed on ways to publicize the library and reach out to students– ideas included sending out welcoming emails and having a strong presence in welcome packages sent to new students entering the university,

6. Information Sharing

Rose asked if there were any additional complaints/comments about the reduced opening hours at various units. Most units reported that the students have complained or asked less about the reduced hours, most likely due to the students being used to the new hours.

Sororities are a problem in Alex during some evening hours. Large noisy groups come in as part of the pledging process not with the intention of studying.

The Welcome Desk is officially closed at Douglass.

Students working at Alex Welcome Desk were asked to record questions they had been asked which they could not answer. Rose compiled a list of FAQ’s for the student employees to use as a resource at the Desk.

7. Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 6th Location TBA.

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