Minutes of October 7, 2008 meeting

Kristen Ko, Marc Forster, Chiaki Yamada, Theresa Macklin, Stephanie Mikitish, Daphne Roberts, Bill Bejarano, Rose Barbalace
Alfreda Richardson, Maggie Harris, Mike Mansouri, Liza Maddatu, Nita Mukherjee, Linda Zuckerman


  1. Announcement
  2. Orientation Packet assembly – update
  3. Workstudy assignments
  4. Project Updates and time lines

1. Announcements

Georgina has accepted another position outside of access services and will no longer be a member of the Student Coordinator Group. November’s group meeting falls on State of the Libraries, Rose will inform the group of what will be decided for the next meeting.

2) Orientation Packet assembly –update

Rose asked the group about their experience with creating orientation packets on their own from online resources rather than having them sent already completed as in previous years. For the most part the group felt that having the materials online was extremely convenient. Packets were created as needed. This past summer the group ordered folders and created a new cover design with a new photo of LSM. The cover was printed in color and distributed to each member with their order supply of folders. Rose asked if the group felt they needed additional supplies for the packet assembly. Some suggested better quality paper should be used for these particular packets.

3) Workstudy Assignments

Rose asked each group member to provide current part time employee numbers at each unit. Overall the group assessed that new workstudy numbers were way up. Alexander and Douglass library has trained more new workstudy students this year than any other year in the past 8 or 9 years. The group also noted that the quality of new workstudy students has been exceptional and their ability to train and grasp concepts quickly is much improved from previous years.

4) Project Updates and time lines

Stephanie, Kristen and Chiaki’s circ online tutorial has been completed and is starting to be used at Alexander as new students are being trained on Circ and former students are coming back needed a refresher or review. Rose encourages group members to utilize the program and offer any suggestions. Rose will work with Stephanie on rephrasing some of the pop up windows. http://rci.rutgers.edu/~mikitish/new_version/toc.html

Online employment application and resource page is the next project that Rose would like to focus on more heavily before the spring semester starts. Rose suggested creating a task force with members from other library units and departments to work with the SCG since this endeavor will effect more than just access services.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, November 5th

Minutes Submitted by: Rose Barbalace

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