Minutes of May 6, 2009 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Stephanie Mikitish, Alfreda Richardson, Chiaki Yamada and Linda Zuckerman.
Marc Forster and Daphne Roberts


  1. Announcements
  2. Voucher Budgets
  3. Summer Work-study
  4. Online Application and Employment Resource Page Project

1) Announcements

Final Exam period and Extended Hours went smoothly for all the libraries. Increased building usage throughout finals was noted. Linda mentioned the use of text messaging as a form of instant communication with her students about shifts and coverage. DTS student seemed to respond more quickly to a text message than an email. Rose noted the use of AIM or messaging in Facebook as another way to instantly communicate with students about schedules and coverage that has worked at Alexander Library. However students would have to be willing to allow the supervisor access to these forms of communication.

2) Voucher Budgets

Last day to pay students on our current voucher budget is June 10th. Supervisors have been asked to be extremely frugal with summer spending on voucher funds as cuts are to be expected.

3) Summer Work-study

Good news on the Summer work-study the program is starting much earlier this year that the past three summers. Students will be notified of work-study assignments on May 26th and can begin working on summer funds as early as June 8th. Library allocations for each department are not yet known.

4) Online Application Project

Subgroup of the Online Application Project reported back on their current progress. Content at other peer institutions were reviewed. Most other colleges and universities have some type of link or referral for job opportunities for their students from their library page. Chiaki will contact other departments who hire students and vouchers to see if they are interested in working on this project with the SCG. Priscilla will work on web content for the employment resource page; online application content will be the same as the current paper application. Rose will look into university guidelines on posting jobs from our website, data storage and possible placement of link.

Next Meeting - Wed 6/3/09

Minutes submitted by Rose Barbalace

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