Minutes of March 8, 2011 meeting

Marc Forster, Kristen Ko, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Steph Mikitish (minutes), Chiaki Mills, Nita Mukherjee, Alfreda Richardson
Rose Barbalace

1) UHR RIAS Timekeeper training

Mike, Joe (Asaro), and Jan (Reinhart) went to the training for backup and primary timekeepers, but found it to be unhelpful. The session was run by UHR, and they are not familiar with WebClock. Some issues that were raised were:

Mike had a student that was randomly assigned to another department so he could not sign off (or see) his hours.

Chiaki had a student who kept getting an error message on login, but the problem seems to have stopped

Priscilla had a student who kept looping back to the login screen after entering her NetID. Nancy (Hendrickson) was contacted, but was not able to identify the problem.

Group would like to be kept better informed when problems are corrected or resolved. Also, Priscilla reported that Barry (Lipinski) does not always see students times on Monday, possibly because Time Admin is running.

Priscilla reminded the group that certification reports should be printed by Thursday, and that reports for work study students must always be included, even if the student did not work any hours, or has been moved to a voucher account.

2) How are we keeping track of work study and voucher spending in RIAS without reports?

There was a consensus that adding the numbers from the Payable Time Summary in Excel is the easiest way. To access Payable Time Summary, from the main RIAS page go to Manager Self Service, then Time Management View, and then Payable Time Summary.

Mike also mentioned that there may be a way to export information into Excel from RIAS, and that he has a spreadsheet that people can use.

3) Student of the Year

Marc wanted to nominate a student who has shelved 2,500 books, but the student did not want to be nominated. Chiaki has nominated three students.

4) Information Sharing

There was a general consensus that a pay schedule would be a useful resource.

Mike: finished shifting project at Physics and is waiting for moldy periodicals to be remediated and returned to the library.

Chiaki: requesting any available shifters (vouchers) ASAP for the Douglass shifting project

Next meeting date - TBD

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