Minutes of October 18, 2011 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Stacy Carton, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Stephanie Mikitish (minutes), Chiaki Mills, Alfreda Richardson, Daphne Richards, Linda Zuckerman
Charlene Houser, Glenn Sandberg
Maggie Harris-Clark, Kristen Ko, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Jennifer Reiber

1) Payroll and administrative issues (Charlene)

Certification reports

Charlene is the RUL custodian of records, and keeps them for 3 years

Payroll schedule

Charlene received the schedule from payroll this (10/18/11) morning irregular paydates

Oct 29th – Nov 10th (Thursday) enter by Nov 11th (early cutoff)
Nov 26th - Dec 7th (Wednesday) enter by Dec 8th (early cutoff)
Dec 8th – Dec 18th (Sunday) enter by Dec 19th (late cutoff)

Time Admin schedule

Time Admin runs 12pm and 3am daily, but on approval days:

Noon: all punches and time should be entered
12-1pm: Time Admin runs
1-3pm: approve and/or edit exceptions
3-3:30pm: Time Admin runs
4pm: approve any remaining time

Direct deposit

Pay is deposited and available on paydate
Exception is for checks deposited on Dec 23rd not available until Dec 30th

Friday Dec 23rd is the last day to get checks

Checks may also be kept by Alex Access staff over the break, but supervisors will be notified if this is the case

Webclock issues

Although RIAS admin is aware that some students still cannot clock in, adding them is a low priority for them

Requests for students to access WebClock should have been taken care of, if notified by Sep 19th

Type 4's

Type 4's need to request and set up NetIDs to access WebClock
This began last February

Exceptions report

Can be used to check who is missing a punch (but not breaks)

To access, Go to Manager Self Service -> Time Management -> Approve Time and Exceptions -> Exceptions

Terminated/graduated students

May still be in system for a year (or more)

Even when terminated record still needs to be attached to a supervisor ID until system is purged

Supervisors should still submit a termination for these students so that they can't clock in

2) Customer service tutorials (Rose)


Needs an admin login to make changes to videos or update software, which is due to our use of Windows XP

May be too cartoony to instruct our students about customer service

Seems to be the best free program of its kind available

Stacy & Chiaki's video

Filmed using two separate cameras, with help from Abdullah and Dan

Next steps

Subgroup (Rose, Stacy, Priscilla, Chiaki, and Steph) will meet to discuss whether we should use xtranormal

Stacy will see if xtranormal can be used on a Mac, which may resolve the admin login problem

3) Student issues (Rose)


FWS program requirements have changed, so many depts. have lost students (Rose reported losing about half of last year’s students, and other student coordinators reported similar numbers)

Each dept. still has to keep its own records of how much their workstudy students have earned

If Charlene is given the award amounts, she can set up RIAS to automatically switch students to a voucher account when they have used their workstudy funds

Multiple cards

Will no longer be used, although students with multiple cards from last year will be grandfathered in this year

Rate Adjustments will be done instead of having multiple cards

The first instructions sent out about how to do this were missing an integral step, so contact Charlene for the updated instructions

Other card issues

Rose will ask why cards of terminated students are not being grayed out

Next meeting – Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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