Minutes of November 8, 2011 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Stacy Carton, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Stephanie Mikitish (minutes), Chiaki Mills, Jennifer Reiber, Alfreda Richardson, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman
Maggie Harris-Clark, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Kristen Ko

1. Introduction

The SCG welcomed Jennifer Reiber, who is in charge of student coordination at Robeson Library

2. Irregular cutoff date reminders

3. RIAS issues

Extra columns on employee punch cards (e.g. breaks) have been removed for some student employees.

A couple members had students that cannot clock in. Students employed by other units that were new to the libraries this year seemed to be taking a longer time to appear in RIAS.

Students should review their pay stubs.

Timekeepers need to thoroughly review each punch. In one case, the information for a student employed by Dining Services had their employee ID entered incorrectly and their hours showed up on one of our student’s cards.

Priscilla reported that a work study student was paid out of a voucher account. This student had never been on a voucher account and a combo code was put in to pay them.

4. Training video

The sub-committee, which consists of Rose, Stacey, Priscilla, Stephanie, and Chiaki, are working on a training video. It was decided that for now it would be live action as xtranormal does not seem to fit our needs.

Members of the sub-committee will meet on Friday 11/18 at the Douglass Library to film a short video, which may also be shared with the Training Group headed by Jeff and Michele.

5. Warning letter and termination standardization

Rose shared some examples of warning and termination letters, in addition to the procedures, provided by Cynthia Meekins, that must be followed when terminating a student employee

The same procedures for warning and termination should apply to both FWS and voucher employees

Student coordinators must discuss an employee’s inappropriate behavior at least once, and this should be documented. Daphne also has a form that can be signed by the student to acknowledge the receipt of the letter.

Any paperwork with student information should be kept in a secure place (especially if it has sensitive information such as social security numbers, driver license information, etc.). Rose keeps files on all students that includes their start dates, which is useful when providing references.

Examples of incidences warranting a warning or termination:

Next steps:

Rose will research various platforms to showcase the new customer service videos and find the most effective way to use them to teach customer service skills

Rose will create a decision tree (or similar system) for when to warn or terminate an employee and what to do after each decision

6. Next meeting

12/7 at 2:30pm

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