Minutes of February 1, 2011 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Marc Forster, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Stephanie Mikitish (minutes), Chiaki Mills, Jennifer Reiber, Alfreda Richardson, Kristen Ko
Charlene Houser, Glenn Sandberg, Darryl Voorhees, Charlie Weniger
Stacy Carton, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman, Mike Mansouri, Maggie Harris-Clark

1. HR update (new job classes/codes)

Charlene updated the group on the new job classes and job codes. The represented departments will only be hiring Class 4 employees because Class 3 employees are entitled to fringe benefits. Class 4 employees are either seasonal, meaning that they are hired to work for less than a year and can work up to 40 hours a week, and casual, whose appointments may last a year or longer and can work up to 20 hours a week. However, Charlene recommended only scheduling casual employees for 19 hours a week. Class 4 employees no longer have to take a month off work. Current employees will transitions into new policy regulations effective May 26th . When employees who start as Class 5's are no longer students, they should be moved to Class 4’s. An add form is still required.

In terms of job codes, the 4100 code is being phased out. Charlene provided a handout listing the employees who are currently listed as being 4100s. Any student coordinators who have employees on the list were to notify Charlene by Wednesday the 8th if the employee will continue working for the libraries and need to be reclassified. The appropriate codes would be 04440 (equivalent to a library assistant).

2. Student of the Year Nominations

Student of the Year Nominations are due by February 17th. Supervisor of the Year nominations are due the same day.

3. Modification to Employee Agreement

A point about employees not being allowed to change their account (e.g. charging or discharging items, paying bills) was added to the Employee Agreement.

4. Training Video update

Rose reported that although the footage for a new training video was shot in November, the training video project has been tabled until Stacy Carton returns from maternity leave.

5. Job Descriptions

Rose has uploaded job descriptions from 2005/2006 for hourly employees to Sakai. She designated a sub-committee, which consists of herself, Kristen, and Steph, to review and update these descriptions to only 3 or 4. The group agreed that the one for RDS and reserves is unnecessary. The remaining ones will be reviewed and updated, with pay ranges. It was suggested that new descriptions will be added for certain branches (Annex and Media) or other unsupervised work, the main libraries (Alex, Camden, Dana, Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM), and for late night hours. A quick survey of current pay rates found that students working late night shifts at Alex and LSM earn $9 or $11, at Douglass $9.50 or $11, and at Kilmer $10 and $12. Rose asked if everyone’s budget could afford to pay either $10 or $12.

6. Upcoming Training Events

Rose reminded the group that there is a workshop on Suicide Prevention Training on Wednesday, February 15th from 2:30 to 4:00pm in the SCC. A number of coordinators indicated that they were going, and everyone was encouraged to attend.

Also, there is a RIAS workshop on the Cook campus this month reviewing new class 3 and class 4 policies.

7. Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th at 2:30.

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