Minutes of March 7, 2012 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Marc Forster, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Stephanie Mikitish (minutes), Chiaki Mills, Jennifer Reiber, Alfreda Richardson, Kristen Ko, Mike Mansouri, Nita Mukherjee
Charlene Houser, Glenn Sandberg, Darryl Voorhees, Charlie Weniger, Melanie Miller, Judy Gardner, Fran Price, Henry Charles, Jeff Teichmann, Kelly Worth
Stacey Carton, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman, Maggie Harris-Clark

1. Unemployment form BC-10

Charlene introduced the BC-10 form to the group. This unemployment form must be sent to any Class 1 or 4 employees, but not Class 5 (full time Rutgers students) before or when an employee is terminated, separating, or resigning. These forms may be filled out by hand. A copy should also be sent to Charlene, who will forward it to Library HR. This policy went into effect 3/1/12.

2. Payroll

Charlene asked the group if there were any questions or issues with payroll. Rose had a student who went from a Class 5 to a 4 due to work study funds running low. Since changes were made on a payroll cut off day the approver had problems viewing submitted time. Payroll changes will be processed after payroll closes and time has been approved. Mike had three students who were randomly switched to a voucher account.

Charlene also reminded the group that only work study verification reports for workstudy students (Class 5ís) need to be run. Students being switched to voucher accounts or who no longer work for the department can be removed before report is run.

Rose reminded the group that department workstudy requests should be completed online by March 23rd.

3. Job descriptions and CARFs

Rose reported on progress made by the sub-group reviewing the library job descriptions, which also includes Kristen and Steph. These new job descriptions will assist supervisors who need to complete CARFs for class 3 and 4 hiring. New employees will also need to submit resumes. To initiate creating a job for hiring a CARF, resume and department organizational chart will need to be submitted. The proposed descriptions include: one for circulation, the branches and weekend hours; one for late night hours (for Extended Hours Crew and Night Owls); one for Collection Management; one for Media; one for Dana; one for Robeson. The group agreed on these categories. Rose said the sub-group would have examples of each to pass out at the next meeting.

4. Mid-year Report

Rose passed around copies of the SCG Mid-year report.

5. Announcements

Rose informed the group of the following events:

April 9-15: Student Appreciation Week
April 10th: Ceremony in Busch Campus Center for Employee/Employer of the Year

There will not be a May meeting.

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