Minutes of November 6, 2013 meeting

Elsa Alves, Rose Barbalace, Stacey Carton, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Steph Mikitish (recorder), Chiaki Mills, Alfreda Richardson, Eddie Suarez
Nita Mukherjee, Maggie Harris-Clark, Janet Giorgio, Melanie Miller, Jennifer Reiber, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman


  1. Announcments
  2. Possible 24 hour library starting early December - group discussion
  3. State of the Libraries - report from poster session (Chiaki, Rose, Priscilla and Steph)
  4. HR Unlawful Harassment Prevention course emailed to all students
  5. Topic and outline for new customer service video
  6. Information sharing

1. Announcements

The group welcomed Elsa Alves, who works as the Collection Management Coordinator in the Institute of Jazz Studies.

The group discussed the impact in the minimum wage increase to $8.25 starting on January 1, 2014. This may affect the number of hours students on workstudy and voucher accounts can work. While the group is still waiting for their budget allocation numbers, Rose said she would keep the group posted.

2. Possible 24 hour library starting in December

Rose talked to the group about possible plans to increase library hours. Last spring LSM and Alex increased their hours to be open 24 hours from the last day of classes, while other libraries increased hours beginning on reading days. The plan this fall is to begin 24 hours a week earlier than the last day of classes, on December 2nd.

To facilitate this, Rose asked the group to check if any of their students would be willing to work the overnight shifts. 6 students would be needed per night. The hours would be on weekdays from around midnight to 7am, and students would be paid $9.50 to work as crew members. Students would be paid out of voucher funds. Rose asked the group members to e-mail her by November 13th with student availabilities. She also asked the group members to keep in mind that workstudy students can only work 20 hours a week, and that they should not jeopardize staffing their own libraries to cover hours at Alexander Library.

3. State of the libraries

Rose, Priscilla, Chiaki, and Steph presented a poster on how the libraries motivate students at the State of the Libraries held on November 5th. Many people were impressed at the number of ways that access services staff members recognize and thank their student employees. Rose said that she would inquire into receiving funds from the libraries to defray costs for food, etc. Staff members are also encouraged to have Harry Glazer take pictures and otherwise publicize these activities.

4. Unlawful harassment prevention course

Students have been receiving e-mails from UHR to take the online unlawful harassment prevention course. They are only to take the regular course, not the supervisor one. Library HR has a list of students who were being sent emails to complete the course.

5. New customer service video

Rose asked the group for suggestions on what to cover in the next customer service video. Some of the suggestions were:

  1. Headphone use
  2. Socializing with friends
  3. Sleeping
  4. Eating
  5. Texting or other personal phone usage
  6. Playing games
  7. Canoodling
  8. Dress code do's and don'ts
  9. Phone etiquette

6. Information sharing

Stacey: Asked for advice about what she is required to do or should do for a student who has suffered a nervous breakdown. Priscilla asked if a representative from CAPS could come and speak to the group. The group agreed that this would be good idea since it's been several years since a counselor met with the group.

Chiaki: The Fordham Lab space is now managed by the Music Department. The work-study student workers are supervised by Stacey and Chiaki, while as the graduate student workers are managed by the Music Department.

Mike: Reminded the group that questions about the Chemistry Library collection should be addressed to Laura Palumbo, the Chemistry Librarian, not the Annex. Liza concurred.

Alfreda: SERC has received 5 laptops for lending.

Eddie: Eddie reported that the laptops at LSM are not being used much.

7. Next meeting

January lunch meeting TBA.

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