Minutes of March 5, 2014 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Stacey Carton, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Steph Mikitish, Chiaki Mills, Alfreda Richardson, Jacqui Ridzy, Eddie Suarez (Recorder), Maggie Harris-Clark
Elsa Alves, Janet Giorgio, Jennifer Reiber, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman


  1. Announcements
  2. Student Employment Office January workshop - overview
  3. Minimum wage increases - local budgets and work-study awards/
    Work-study minimum earnings for students to return in Fall - $700
  4. Student Employment Appreciation Week - funding for local celebrations
  5. Planning next customer service film (script, film dates, locations, etc.)
  6. Information Sharing

1. Announcements

Funding for the federal work study program will be put on hold during spring break –March 15 to March 23. All work study students working this week will be charged to the department’s voucher account. The final day of the spring break period (Sunday, March 23), the libraries are operating under its normal semester schedule. This could put additional stress on each units voucher budget. Charlene Houser will inform student coordinators on how to process the work study students’ pay from spring break onto their department’s voucher budget.

2. Student Employment Office January workshop - overview

In January, the Rutgers Student Employment Office (SEO) invited student coordinators and Federal workstudy supervisors to a workshop to discuss the overall workstudy allotment process and other SEO procedures. The Executive VP of Academic Affairs receives the total number of students available in the FWS program then distributes the students to each department based on the number students available and the number each department requests.

The work study office provided a breakdown of the number of students distributed throughout Rutgers’ departments. RUL received at total of 377 students this academic year. That is second behind the VP office of student’s affairs which garners a total of 670 students.

3. Minimum wage increases - local budgets and work study awards

The Student Employment Office sent notification that work study students will need to use a minimum $700 of their allotment in order to return to the program the next year. The $700 on a student’s allotment needs to be spent from September 2013 to May 2014. Students will also need to submit their FAFSA application by March 15, 2014. The group was asked to remind their students of these deadlines.

A survey about the program will also be sent out to students in the next month. Deadlines are as followed:

Student coordinators should encourage their students to fill out the survey. Filling out the survey will not guarantee whether that student returns to their workstudy assignment again the following year.

The group reported that the minimum wage increase to $8.25 has not had a large impact on their budgets thus far. The recent string of snow days has helped mitigate the cost of the wage increase slightly.

4. Student Employment Appreciation Week - funding for local celebrations

April 13-19 is National Student Employment Appreciation Week. The group was asked to brain storm activities for its student staff. A small stipend to fund the endeavor will be provided by the administration office. Group members can place purchase orders for any supplies they may need for their activities. More information will be forth coming as we move closer to April.

Harry Glazer will be visiting the units to take pictures of its festivities. The pictures or videos may be posted on the Libraries’ Facebook page and/or twitter feed.

5. Planning next customer service film (script, film dates, locations, etc.)

The filming of next customer service film was planned to take place this summer. This is to take advantage of the down period to film at different libraries without disturbing patrons. The film will center on positive/negative examples of behavior at the public service desks. Stephanie, Chiaki and Stacey volunteered to help put a script together and begin the planning stages for the video.

6. Information sharing

All issues were discussed in the group’s agenda.

7. Next meeting

April 2, 2014

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