Minutes of November 6, 2014 meeting

Elsa Alves, Rose Barbalace, Stacey Carton, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Stephanie Mikitish (recorder), Chiaki Mills, Nita Mukherjee, Jennifer Reiber, Alfreda Richardson, Jacqui Ridzy, Daphne Roberts, Eddie Suarez
Maggie Harris-Clark, Linda Zuckerman


  1. Announcements
  2. Ugrad experience team’s student advisory panel – update
  3. Customer service training workshop – planning timeline
  4. Student workers with behavioral health issues – guidelines
  5. Information Sharing
  6. Next meeting: Wed 1/7 at 2:30pm

1) Announcements

a. Minimum wage will increase to $8.38 in January

b. All libraries will be closed the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Normal hours will resume on Sunday, and work study funds may be used to pay students then. However, work study funds are not to be used over winter or spring break.

c. Charlene Houser has offered a RIAS refresher course in May and/or August. More info will be forth coming as the training sessions are planned.

d. Rob Krack, who is chairing the collection management group, has created a call number quiz using Flash. This is currently being used to give students additional call number practice, but he would like to update the quiz and requested volunteers from the group. Steph volunteered to help over the next few months.

e. Stacey had asked if Rose knew of any scheduling software. Rose had sent her a few, but the most useful ones were not free and many did not include hours after midnight.

f. Administration asked Rose to view a webinar on how to interact with students at risk while being in compliance with federal regulations and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The webinar will be viewed on 11/18 from 1-2pm at Alexander Library. Priscilla, Chiaki, Stacey and Steph will also be viewing the webinar.

g. There is a campus suicide prevention program on 11/10 from 2-4pm in the Livingston Student Center Room 202C.

2. Ugrad experience team’s student advisory panel – update

Megan Lotts, who is chairing the undergraduate experience team, had previously requested student contact information in order to solicit their participation in a survey and future team endeavors. Members of the student coordinator group asked several questions about what these endeavors would include, and Rose explained that it would be to possibly recruit a panel of undergraduates for the team to bounce ideas off of from time to time. The group agreed that the students should not be paid from workstudy or voucher funds, and also that the panel should not consist solely of students employed by the libraries.

3. Customer service training workshop – planning timeline

a. In addition to the customer service training LibGuide and training videos Rose also suggested having in-person training. Rose asked for volunteers to organize training topics and put together skits for this event. Chiaki, Jacqui, and Steph volunteered, and Stacey offered to film if needed. Although it was originally suggested to have the training in early March before spring break, the group agreed that having the training earlier in the semester would be better, especially if it was framed as a mandatory event like orientation.

b. Elsa and Jen also requested any material developed. Jen also mentioned that she might be working solely in RDS and ILL next semester and someone else would be taking over student coordinator duties.

4. Student workers with behavioral health issues – guidelines

Rose asked for input on how to handle a student whose ADHD is so severe that they need constant monitoring. Group members suggested making a to-do list for the student each day they worked and asking Cynthia Meekins or College Ave Psychiatric Services (CAPS) for guidelines on how to manage students with ADHD or other behavioral health issues.

5. Information Sharing

a. Mike announced that there is mold at the Physics library.

b. Elsa shared that the Jazz library is employing an unprecedented 5 students this semester as opposed to the usual 1 or 2. These students will be working primarily behind the scenes on projects such as the 78rpm records shift.

c. Chiaki described the student Halloween party at Douglass library. 5 students participated in the costume contest, which included as prizes Russian nesting dolls, Dunkin’ Donuts giftcards, and various swag bags.

6. Next meeting: Wed 1/7 at 2:30pm

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