Minutes of March 4, 2015 meeting

Rose Barbalace (co-chair), Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Stephanie Mikitish, Chiaki Mills (co-chair), Alfreda Richardson, Eddie Suarez (recorder), David Williams
Maggie Harris-Clark, Jennifer Reiber, Daphne Roberts, Linda Zuckerman, Jacquelyn Ridzy, Stacey Carton, Elsa Alves
Bela Gupta


  1. Announcements
  2. Customer Service workshop summary
  3. Student Appreciation Week
  4. Student Employee email listserv
  5. Student Employment Essential workshops
  6. Information Sharing
  7. Next Meeting - Wednesday, April 1 at 2:30pm

1) Announcements

Bela Gupta from TAS joined the group for this meeting as part of a class project in the library science program. Bela is working with Rose and Melissa Just on the project through the spring semester. Bela will be researching ways we can increase or enhance student engagement with our student employees.

2) Customer Service workshop summary

The SCG held two customer service workshops for student workers on February 17th and 20th in the Pane Room of Alexander Library. Rose presented the review session that demonstrated the expected professional behavior of working at a circulation desk. The workshop consisted of skits put together by Chiaki, Jacquelyn and Stephanie and a question and answer session with the students.

The workshops were well attended, pulling in around 25 students for the Tuesday session and 40 students for the Friday session. Students were asked to fill out a survey on the quality of the workshop. The feedback from the students asked for more training in dealing with patrons on the phone, emergency situations and catalog searching.

Based on feedback from the surveys, SCG will look to put together one to two additional sessions over the summer to add to the customer service workshop.

3) Student Appreciation Week

Student employee appreciation week is on April 12-18. Rose spoke with the library’s budget office about funding some of the activities the SCG will be having for their student workers. Rose was directed to look into purchasing a gift for all student employees. Rose shared links to approved vendors for gift ideas. Rose asked the group to the review the website catalog’s for products to order. Placing an ad in the Daily Targum was also discussed.

4) Student Employee email listserv

The Undergraduate Experience Team is looking to compile an email list service for student workers. The listserv would be used to send notices on library closures, events or workshops. The SCG will look into developing the student listserv and will manage the list, as they have access to their student’s emails and could update the list with ease. The pros and cons of managing an email listserv were raised. Rose will investigate the issue further.

5) Student Employment Essential workshops

Cynthia Meekins from the Student Employment office is coordinating a series of workshops for student employees on various work load subjects such as basic skills to event planning. The workshops generally take place from 12:30pm-1pm. Student workers will be paid to attend these workshops.

6) Information Sharing

Mike (Physics) is having the student workers box items that are being transferred to the Annex.

Alfreda (Serc) showed the group her emergency go bag. The bag consists of supplies that might be needed in an emergency. Alfreda has shown the bag to her students and has done community work featuring it.

David (Imagining Services) is continuing to assimilate the former DTS student workers who did not continue with the department when it moved to the Technical Services Building. David will assess imagining services needs during the summer for his student workers.

Liza (Annex) and her student staff are working on transfer items from Physics.

Eddie (LSM) continuing to work on the call number flash test. He may have to redesign it due to different code scripts from the older version of the flash the program was made in.

Priscilla (Kilmer) reported that Joe Asaro had returned to work. This alleviated some of the coverage issues at Kilmer.

Rose (Alexander) Students have been asking about using Proctortrak on library PCs. Issues may arise if a student starts an exam but doesn’t have enough time to finish it before the library closes.

Rose made the group aware of the issue in case it comes up with their student closers. The policy would be that the student will be unable to stay past a library’s closing time to finish the exam. They must stop their test once they are told to wrap up from a closer.

Next Meeting – April 1, 2015

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