Minutes of April 1, 2015 meeting

Rose Barbalace (co-chair), Stacey Carton, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Stephanie Mikitish, Chiaki Mills (co-chair), Jacquelyn Ridzy (recorder), Daphne Roberts, Eddie Suarez, Linda Zuckerman
Maggie Harris-Clark, Jennifer Reiber, Alfreda Richardson, David Williams


  1. Announcements
  2. Mid-Year Report
  3. FWSP Small Group Information Sessions
  4. Scheduling software
  5. Student Appreciation Week updates
  6. Payroll training
  7. Information sharing
  8. Next meeting: Wednesday June 3 at 2:30 p.m.

1) Announcements

  1. There will be no May meeting.
  2. Students must earn at least $700 during the academic year to qualify for work study for the following year. Qualification also depends on financially qualifying, submitting a FAFSA in a timely manner, and availability of FWS funding.

2. Mid-Year Report

Rose and Chiaki completed the report. It was passed around the meeting.

3. FWSP Small Group Information Sessions

Rose and Chiaki attended the Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) Small Group Information Session conducted by the Director of Student Employment, Cynthia Meekins. One of the topics discussed was how we can create jobs using specialized skills such as shift captains and these students would have a higher pay rate. The Student Employment Office (SEO) staff also wanted to know how departments use FWS students. There are other small group information sessions for those interested in attending.

4. Scheduling software

Jacquelyn discussed her experience testing a scheduling software called Open Skedge. It's an open source software hosted on a server designed for shift work or universities employing students in multiple roles and spaces. Supervisors set workday hours and each employee creates an account and uploads his or her availability. Supervisors then create the schedule on a calendar interface. A couple of the features include, tracking hours and sending supervisors notifications when availability is posted. Rose will investigate the possibility of testing this software over the summer or as a pilot during the academic year.

5. Student Appreciation Week updates

A BPA free water bottle with the RU Libraries logo was purchased for each student employee. Rose and Chiaki made thank you tags to be affixed to the bottle with baker's twine. The bottles will arrive the week of April 12, and Rose is seeking volunteers to help tag and count out the bottles for distribution to the libraries.

In addition, Libraries Administration paid for a Targum ad thanking student employees of RUL and acknowledging National Library Week. It will run on Tuesday April 14 on page 3.

6. Payroll Training

Camden and Newark requested payroll training. Rose asked the group to let her know if there is anything else they would like to be trained in.

7. Information Sharing

Linda (DTS) is adjusting to the new office space in TAS. It is spacious but not in a public building.

Mike (Physics) continues to pack moldy books. A closing date has not yet been determined.

Eddie (LSM) They have new security locks on printers. Library staff defers all printer problems to OIT, who has the keys to the locks.

Priscilla (Kilmer) is short-staffed due to staff absences.

Stacey (Fordham) The collaboration station is in operation. There are two large monitors where groups can plug in their laptops.

8. Next meeting - June 3, 2015

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