Minutes of April 8, 2004 meeting

[Chair] Kayla Reichardt, Andrew Ruggiero (half the meeting), Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Salvatore Cardinale, Melody Tomaszewicz, Ian Bogus, Julie Kauffman, Paul Cabelli


  1. Group- Welcome Andy Martinez to the Team Leaders group and the Collection Management Group
  2. Andrew Ruggiero presenting on the Collection Services Group
  3. Gracemary Smulewitz-Technical Services Council and the LIS meetings
  4. Kayla Reichardt- Final Team Leader, closing items
  5. Group- Round Robin
  1. We welcomed Andy Martinez to the Team Leaders Focus group. There was an introduction and an explanation of the function of the group. Everybody introduced him or herself and described their roles. Andy leads the Collection Management focus group and he will be working with Gracemary on finding ways to effectively operate the group. There is talk of dividing the Collection Management more manageable focus groups. Rogers Smith's vacated position, the Branch manager, will have some role in the Collection Management group.
  1. Although Andrew has not worked on the CSD web site, he has been inquiring about different methods to approach the creation of the page. He is also looking into possible software use that is different from what he has presently been using. Andrew recently had dreamweaver installed on his PC and is taking classes to for it, he is hoping that this will help facilitate the process. He plans to redesign the links in the pages and have standardized departmental forms available on the site. Also Andrew will be asking Sam McDonald about the reasons that the recent web pages have not been loaded. Gracemary asked the whole group to look at the functions we head and analyze what we would like to include in the web site.
  1. Gracemary did not attend the LIS meeting because there was very little discussions about serials. Also there was no Technical Services Council meeting this month but she does bring up several topics she wishes to touch upon. She informed us there might be a way to purchase monographs from venders and load the records directly into Sirsi, similarly to a Marcive load. Also, statistics was a big part of the discussion. Nancy Hendrickson has not accepted the annex statistics, since Annex is not officially considered a library. This has led to big discrepancies in the numbers pertaining to Recons, etc. For now and possibly until June 30th the statistics for the Annex will be kept the same. It was also noted that there are big discrepancies in government document statistics. We are encouraged to about how we take statistics and how we interpret them
  1. This is Kayla's last team leaders meeting because of her departure from the library system. Before she left she, she would like divide up her work in order to make sure that none of her functions is lost upon her departure. Julie will be taking over Kayla's reports and be the point person for all reports. Sal and Julie will be taking over the extended info project. They will train with Kayla and eventually work on templates and possible workflow. Statistics are to be taken over by Yuhwei Ling. He will also be receiving the statistics report that use to be run by Kayla. Gracemary will temporarily chair the Team Leaders Focus group until we hire someone in Kayla's position. We all wish her luck in her future endeavors.
  1. Gracemary will set up workshops and training on how to run and modify reports. The next team leader meeting will be video taped. We would like to critique the way we run our meetings. Art library has begun to do some minor weeding. Staff from the Alexander CSD and will work with Collection Management on relocating most classed items into the regular stacks. Kayla will help start the process with Susan Brower and Kristen Ko. There was also a brain storming session on the problems and solutions of the LSM weeding project. Andy is happy to participate with the team and looks forward to working with collection services on future projects. Everybody reported on the status of their work and whatever their statistics were able to give.



Next Meeting - May 6, 2004

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