Minutes of August 12, 2004 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz, Paul Cabelli (recorder), Salvatore Cardinale, Ian Bogus (arrived at 3:20), Julie Kaufman, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez (chair), Andrew Ruggerio (guest)


  1. Review of the webpages (Andrew – guest)
  2. MARC holdings training on the 10th (review) and on the 18th
  3. Staffing situations and needs FTEs and voucher
  4. Other item
  5. Round robin

1. Review of the webpage

The group reviewed the new NBL CSD web site. Numerous suggestions were made regarding content, arrangement and wording. Paul recorded these suggestions and will give the list to Andrew so that he can update the web site.

Ian suggested that we have a template for minutes that we just fill in every time. Andrew agreed to develop a template. Rebecca suggested that we have an online calendar or calendars that contain regularly scheduled meetings (inside and outside the dept.), vacation days, and our daily absence lists. These calendars would be maintained by the Alex and LSM site supervisors. Sal, Andrew, and Rebecca agreed to investigate the availability and usefulness of various calendar programs, including Netscape Composer and RUCS-supported software

2. MARC holdings training

Gracemary reported on the MARC holdings review session held at Dana Library on Aug. 10. A powerpoint presentation was reviewed, and afterwards MARC holdings problems were discussed. The team leaders who attended thought that the session went very well. In order to maintain quality control over MARC holdings, Gracemary stressed three points: IRIS record read is essential, bimonthly video conference meetings were to be implemented, and a mentoring system should be instituted.

We also discussed the upcoming MARC holdings review session to be held in the SCC at Alexander Library on Aug. 18. The morning will be devoted to a review of the power point presentation, with MARC holdings questions and problems being saved for the afternoon. Robeson Tech Services staff, Dana Tech Services staff (via videoconferencing), some NBL CSD staff, and some TSB staff will be attending all day. Access Services staff involved in the Serials Inventory Project will be attending only the afternoon session. Paul agreed to update certain MARC holdings documents for the upcoming meeting. Gracemary suggested that those involved in the running of the upcoming meeting meet on Aug 16 or 17 to review the agenda, handouts, problems to discuss, etc.

3. Staffing situations

It was reported that Pat Jones would be retiring on Aug. 20 and that Julie would leaving for a new job on Aug. 27 for a new job. These two openings will be posted as soon as possible. The group also discussed our voucher budget and workstudy situation for the upcoming year. Gracemary mentioned that all team leaders should be informing Sal and Yuhwei of their student help requirements.

4. Other items

It was reported that Rutgers has been chosen as a BETA testing site for the 2004 Sirsi update. Yuhwei and Ingrid have been selected to be the testing representatives from the Collection Services Dept. The 2004 Sirsi upgrade will be loaded onto their computers.

5. Round Robin

Julie reported that Shawn and Ying at LSM were continuing to work on the Extended Information Project. Since the tenure of these two students in uncertain, Julie thought it would be useful if the receiving staff was also included in the training and implementation of this project.

Salvatore mentioned that he would be reviewing the creation of control records with Bob Hosh and his students. Sal also requested some temporary assistance with timetrack due to Pat Jones upcoming retirement.

Rebecca will be meeting with each staff member on an individual basis in order for her to acquaint herself with their workflows. Rebecca is involved in a project to save funds by prepaying certain large vendors, and also is involved in a subscription and holdings combined consolidation project.

Paul reported that Robin was assisting in processing ceased titles for the Bib/Cat team at Alexander, and that Clotilde was assisting in post-cat functions at Alexander.

Ian reported that he finished the rebind prepaid project. He is also waiting for many DOCNJ volumes to be returned from Database Management so that he can begin to repair/rebind them.

Andy mentioned that he was involved in numerous weeding projects in NBL. Due to time constraints, however, he wasn’t able to elaborate on them at this time.


  1. SC, AR, RM – investigate the use of various online calendars for dept. use
  2. AR – will incorporate suggested revisions into NBL CSD web site.
  3. PC – update MARC holdings documents
  4. AR – will develop a meeting minutes template
  5. All members – will submit regular meetings schedule to Andrew

Next Meeting : September 9 @ Alexander Library 1:30 pm

Next recorder: Ian Bogus
Back up recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz

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