Minutes of August 18, 2005 meeting

Ian Bogus, Salvatore Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling (recorder), Rebecca Martinez (chair), Gracemary Smulewitz
Paul Cabelli, Andy Martinez, Melody Tomaszewicz


  1. Accompanying material – finalize process for implementation
  2. DANA – updates, next steps
  3. Documents to help Unit Technical Services
  4. Information sharing

There was an impromptu discussion prior to the agenda concerning the CS-ALEX user and the items checked out to it. Among the issues discussed were inventory of the backlog of the items checked out to CS-ALEX and rebinding of items on preservation (Ian will get an estimate of the cost). The discussion would be continued between Gracemary, Ian, and Rebecca at a later date.

1. Accompanying material – finalize process for implementation

Accompanying materials were discussed in an attempt to finalize the procedures to incorporate them into CSD’s existing workflow.

2. DANA – updates, next steps

The group discussed the next steps in getting DANA incorporated into Collection Services’ standards and practices.

3. Documents to help Unit Technical Services

Rebecca talked to the group about documentation for the unit libraries for standard practices in all areas of the department. Information sharing was also encouraged for the units in order for them to know what to do concerning work flow (who to route items to, what materials go where, etc).

4. Information sharing


  1. All damaged accompanying electronic media with the exception of VHS tapes will go to CSD.
  2. Receiving workflow for accompanying materials will be discussed with the receiving team first then at TSCWG.
  3. Training for DANA staff will continue for the appropriate staff to conform to CSD procedures.
  4. Bindery operations will continue at DANA but workflow will change first before implementing LincPlus.


  1. Ian will get estimate of rebinding items that need preservation work that are checked out to CS-ALEX.
  2. Gracemary will report to Judy Gardner on the recommendations of the group regarding accompanying materials.
  3. Paul and Gracemary will follow up on new sub-locations for accompanying materials media depending on their status (REF, circulating, etc.).
  4. Gracemary will find out the status of the PER-COM location (where it is, how it is set-up, etc.).
  5. Gracemary, Rebecca, Sal, Ian, and Jamie will go to DANA on 9/2/2005 to finish up their replacements/back issue project.
  6. Rebecca will meet with Sal and the LSM receiving team, as well as Suzanne, to coordinate DANA receiving and claiming.
  7. Yuhwei and Natascha will get the select newspapers at ALEX which need to be microfilmed pending instructions from Gracemary.


  1. Gracemary, Ian, and Rebecca will discuss the CS-ALEX user issue.
  2. Melody, Paul, and Ian will meet with Andy to discuss the timeframe for incorporating accompanying material backlog.

Next meeting: 9/15/2005 @ LSM
Time: TBA

Next recorder: Andy Martinez
Back up recorder: Rebecca Martinez

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/team_leaders/minutes/team_leaders_05-08-18.shtml
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