Minutes of August 17, 2006 meeting

Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli, Sal Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling, Jamie Maguire (Guest), Rebecca Martinez (Chair), Gracemary Smulewitz
Andy Martinez, Melody Tomacewicz


  1. Information Sharing and Projects - All
  2. Annual Report – for agenda items 2-7, only DTS members were present
  3. Philosophy/Approaches to internal, focus group and external meetings
  4. Dana weekly visits
  5. Directors’ Station training

1. An update for each team was given:

Paul Cabelli:

Paul reported on the DOC-REF Foreign project. As of July 20th, there is a temporary hold on sending material to monographic cataloging. The serials portion of the project is complete and at Serials Cataloging. DOC-REF State is due to begin with about 140 serials and 120 monographs to be cataloged. The team is working on SMLR material.

Paul reported on behalf of Holdings that there is some Latin material to be added to the collection, along with approximately 6 boxes of music withdrawals, 8 boxes of Waxman donations, and adds for EAL.

Jessica, the voucher employee for Bib-cat continues to help in these areas, and will be taking on more problems as her knowledge increases. Neera Sondhi and Sal Cardinale are working on a backlog of material at LSM and making tremendous improvements. Paul is working with a Elizabeth on a number of serials titles that changed to monographic series. There is continued work going on with team members at LSM and Dana libraries.

Yuhwei Ling:

Two work-study students will be returning to assist with the EAL collection. Yuhwei will be evaluating their skills and training them as needed. Gracemary, Rebecca, and Yuhwei will meet to discuss the approach to this new addition to our workflow. A voucher could be hired on the DTS budget, if needed.

Two visits were made to SMLR – in the first, a shelf-read was done, and in the second Yasu Denda accompanied Yuhwei and they brought back 2 boxes of material to be bound. The plan is to return in 2-3 weeks to continue their work.

Natascha Owens is learning the Government Document processes, and consequently the receiving has been adjusted to accommodate this addition to her workload. Yasu is receiving half of Natascha’s letters and Yuhwei is doing the newspapers. Natascha is doing very well, and was recently trained on creating serial controls. Gracemary noted that we will be reconfiguring the Gov Docs process and looking to establish the best approach. Natascha is due to be trained on MARCIVE and will later focus on that. After August 24th, Neera, Paul, Natascha and Gracemary will be training on MARCIVE.

The duplicate subscriptions list is being worked on for the entire system. They started with the Science list – investigating online only which involves looking at licensing restrictions, and is a very time-consuming process. That list is almost finished and the Social Science list will be started. Gracemary noted that this is the largest cancellation project that the selectors have been involved with system-wide.

Yuhwei also noted that in his weekly meetings with the receivers, they are having less and less problems to go over – this is a positive sign.

Linda continues to do the replacements, but has stopped replacing titles that have electronic access.

Rebecca Martinez:

Rebecca noted that the RFP process is being finalized, and that one vendor – Harrassowitz – has been chosen to service our serials subscriptions. There will be a number of follow up projects stemming from this change. Yuhwei will be coordinating the master list of transfers to Harrassowitz.

Yasu is working on updating the DTS website. She will also be attending a Sakai training to see if we can use it within the department.

Sal Cardinale:

Sal has been working on the Bib-cat backlog at LSM and making a lot of progress. Neera Sondhi is moving into that area slowly. He is also working with the DTS Public Services Group on setting standards and focusing on public service issues. He also began working with Dana on Public Services.

Sal reported that he has been receiving gov doc material from Natascha and everything looks good.

He is in the process of reviewing a list of items for Dana that have not yet been received at LSM, and is working on some projects related to orders.

Ian Bogus:

A huge mold project in excess of 3,000 items is being worked on. 800 have been withdrawn, and the rest was treated. Susan worked from a list, taking care of the withdrawals. Approximately 350-400 were without barcodes. There are another 3-400 items that will need barcodes when they come back from being treated. Most of the material was in 2A related to the Medieval/McDonnell collection.

Ian reported that he has two Preservation users – one will be used for repair, and the other is for long-term projects. For items charged to the user for long-term projects, those items cannot be recalled by patrons and will be available for patron’s in-house use.

Jamie Maguire:

Jamie reported that all accompanying material from TAS will be coming to LSM for processing. For now, they are holding off until we have students. DTS will evaluate what this new workload will be and how much help we may need.

Gracemary noted that we will binding dissertations and theses at some point in the future.

Jamie will also be working with Diane on processing – Diane will be helping out with processing as needed. Tabitha will be leaving, so someone will need to be brought up to speed on processing at Alex.


Gracemary ran a list of REF materials with controls for Dana – there were over 500 initially. She customized the list with Title and Holding Statement. Natalie will be annotating the list.

Gracemary also reported on the proposed Pilot Project. At CDC, there were many questions raised. The project is still being researched, and further updates will be given when she has them.

2. Annual Report

Some guidelines for the report were established. The report should be no more than 4 pages, and the following topics should be addressed:

In general the report should cover each respective area that you are responsible for as a Team Leader. Projects should have a context and include a descriptive element to them.

3. Philosophy/Approaches to internal, focus group and external meetings

We spoke about using the Team Leaders’ group as a forum for discussion, and once decisions had been made about workflows, a solid presentation of those workflows could be presented outside of the department. We spoke about anticipating and evaluating what’s be presented at various meetings and then developing a strategic approach.

4. Dana Weekly Visits

The visits will continue and all were thanked for making the extra efforts in this area. We’ll plan a party in Newark sometime in the Fall.

5. Directors’ Station Training

Everyone was excited to begin working with Director’s Station – we will look at what ways we can use this tool within the department. Melody was the only one not able to attend the first round of training. She will go when Systems offers a second round.


Since most of the discussion was informational – there were no specific decisions or assignments at this meeting.


  1. Doc-Ref project
  2. EAL receiving
  3. SMLR project
  4. Cancellation project for CDC
  5. Transfer list to Harrassowitz
  6. Bib-Cat backlog at LSM
  7. All accompanying material from TAS to LSM

Next meeting: September 21, 2006 - LSM
Time: 1:30

Next recorder: Andy Martinez
Back up recorder: Gracemary Smulewitz

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