Minutes of February 15, 2007 meeting

Rebecca Martinez [chair], Andres Martinez, Melody Tomaszewicz [recorder], Paul Cabelli, Ian Bogus, Yuhwei Ling
Sal Cardinale


  1. Information Sharing
  2. TSCWG discussions that need local focus
    1. Batchwith - who's using it in the department and who needs to know about it
    2. New workflow for In-process items
    3. DTS Services' "flyer" for Collection Management staff
  3. Departmental Open House - brainstorming session!
  4. Moving to the J-client - testing, training, and implementation - we need to come up with a plan for this!

1. Information Sharing

2. TSCWG discussions that need local focus

Batchwith—who needs to know (who uses it, or will be impacted)

In-Process changes—DTS will no longer be revising books from ACQ—Access Services will do this.

DTS Folder—Creation of a short trifold sheet that Access Services can use for training new staff so that they will have an idea of what the DTS teams do and who to contact when they have questions.

3. Departmental open house

4. J-Client


  1. Batchwith information will be updated and sent out
  2. In-Process changes will be implemented.
  3. A DTS flyer will be created for Access Services
  4. A DTS open house for RUL staff will be held—tentatively scheduled for June 2007.


  1. MT—Update WD process, including BATCHWITH decisions, and send to affected staff in DTS, Newark and Camden.
  2. SC, JM, RM—work with staff on In-Process changes
  3. All Team Leaders—Bullets to RM for DTS flyer
  4. All Team Leaders—Start work on presentations for open house for March meeting
  5. GMS—Ask Systems to install J Clients on our machines.


  1. Strategic plan for Rutgers.

Next meeting: March 15
Time 1:30 PM
Next recorder: Paul Cabelli
Back up recorder: Sal Cardinale

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