Minutes of July 31, 2001 Meeting

Marilyn Wilt, Samson Soong, Ann Montanaro, Ned Richards, Julie Still

Our initial meeting began with informal introductions-each person took a few minutes to share information about themselves, their work at Rutgers, and their interests. We worked together to develop a better understanding of our charge, and to sketch out some strategies for next steps.

We recognize that our challenges/opportunities are many, all in support of developing and maintaining a vibrant learning environment. Such an environment is built on the collective experiences and knowledge of both faculty and staff. This collaboration can begin with a series of facilitated conversations to develop increased understanding of who we are, what our roles and responsibilities are, what experience and skills we bring to those roles. The emergent "portrait" of the libraries will reflect the diversity of our community, and can support openness, willingness to try new things as we move into our learning environment.

As we move forward, we will build on the Investment in Learning, the identified priorities for each constituent group providing guidelines for strategizing. My ongoing explorations throughout the libraries will give me expanded understanding of both the report and the current needs of each group.

We discussed the importance of faculty participation in our committee's work. The creation and maintenance of a learning environment that supports a cohesive training and learning process for the libraries require pro-active, committed individuals. We all agreed that we would think about individuals that we might speak with, to invite them to join us in our endeavors.

We also talked about ways to document training participation and achievements in the Pay for Performance process. We discussed adding a section to the self-evaluation form that would allow reporting of participation in both formal training programs and on-the-job experiences that supported the individual's achieving annual goals. We want to consider programs and experiences outside the libraries for potential inclusion in this self-reporting process.

We decided not to set a time for a next face-to-face meeting. We will discuss issues electronically (via e-mail) to facilitate sharing ideas and concerns, while allowing each of us to use our limited time more effectively. I need to pursue further explorations and conversations to (1) identify other potential committee members, and (2) extend my understanding of our resources.

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