Minutes of July 31, 2001 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman (Recorder), Jeanne Boyle, Pamela Johnson, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt (Chair)

Meeting convened at 2 PM with introductions. Date for next meeting established: September 15, 2 PM, Nicholas Rutgers Room, 3rd floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick. Meeting will be teleconferenced.

Committee Overview

Marilyn Wilt gave an overview of the Committee - its history and its mission. (See attached, "Roots of Professional Development…", for more information.) To date the Committee's programming has been based on two main themes: Leadership Development and Technical Skill Development. These themes are the ones that will be pursued by the Committee for the immediate future. (For further background information see attached document, "Professional Development Suite Proposal.")

Technical Skills Track

Marilyn discussed the Technical Skills track. T & L* will continue its partnership with the RU Teaching Excellence Center in New Brunswick in planning workshops in computer literacy skills (e.g. Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, etc.) Workshops are planned to run from November 2004 through Feb. 2005 given by Marcie Anszperger. These workshops will be teleconferenced to all campuses, and self- paced tutorials are available on the T & D web site.

Also with regard to the Technical Skill track, Marilyn discussed a new partnership for the Committee with the RULS PC Working Group. The two committees are developing a new employee technical skill orientation program. The two committees will also partner in training sessions for teaching "best practices" in personal computing (e.g. backing-up data, how to handle attachments in e-mails, etc.) Judit Ward suggested developing a self-assessment program for current employees for computer skills to ascertain what kind of training individuals may need to enhance job performance. Marilyn designated this as an important future goal for the PC Working Group and T & L.

Leadership Development Track

Marilyn reported that RULS Cabinet has given approval to the Committee to develop a suite of Leadership workshops and training programs. For complete information see attached document, " Professional Development Suite Proposal."

Current and Future Partnerships

Marilyn reported that T & L will continue to build on the partnerships that it has established in the past. These include: RULS Planning Committee, RULS Diversity Committee, RULS Instructional Services Committee, RU Teaching Excellence Center, RU Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, RU Human Resources, LAMA, and RULS PC Working Group.

Future partnerships that Committee members suggested include: RU Continuing Education, RU Education Department, RU Center for Management Development, ALA, ACRL, PALINET, METRO, and the Allied Professional Association.

Publicizing Training and Development Programs

The Committee discussed how to best publicize the programs and workshops offered by both T & L as well as other professional organizations that would be of interest to RULS faculty and staff. Suggested ideas included: links from the T & D web site; news articles in "The Agenda;" creating a T & D listserv; sending out targeted email to different RULS departments and units. Marilyn stressed the need for ongoing communication between the campuses to get feedback on what kinds of programs faculty and staff believe would support their meeting current on-the-job challenges.

Pam Johnson noted that the RULS PC Working Group is working on creating listservs for departments and units. Pam will report back with more information to the Committee after the next PC Working group meeting in September.

Short Term Goals for Fall 2004

T & L will work with RULS Coordinating and Planning Committee to share information from the "Envisioning the Future" Symposium including: videos, PowerPoint presentations, meeting notes, etc. Marilyn and Judit will work on scheduling presentations of the videos at the different Rutgers campuses. Marilyn stated that the symposium received positive feedback from attendees and that plans for future workshops on the same theme are being considered.

The program done in 2001 by T & L and the Committee on Diversity, "Exploring Community" within the RULS community, was also very well received. Marilyn suggested planning future workshops on diversity working with both RU Human Resources and the Committee on Diversity. Judit suggested creating a map of the different languages and countries of origin represented by the RULS community for the T & D web site.

Long Term Committee Goals

Marilyn stated the goal of creating Leadership Institutes for both faculty and staff. The Institutes could be one-day, or multiple-day programs designed to develop leadership skills to facilitate successfully navigating the changing environment. Marilyn reported that the one-day Leadership Workshop T & L held in 2002 in conjunction with LAMA was well-received and the Committee could build on that success.

The IMLS-funded web-based library skills program for new library assistants that ran last year as a pilot program with participants from RUL and New York Public, Research Library was also well- received. Committee agreed that such programming should be considered for the future for a variety of participants within the Libraries' community. Committee should use feedback from participants to improve future offerings.

The Collaborative Development Series in Access Services/ Collection Services in New Brunswick was initiated in Fall 2004, with Tricia Torok and Christina Bilinski of RU Human Resources, covered four topics: Service Excellence; Problem-Solving for Win-Win Solutions; Dealing with Difficult Situations; Effective Project Management. Supervisors in Access Services/Collection Services NB then participated in a custom-designed Supervisory Development Series. Jeff and Tracey will be looking into ways of bringing the Supervisory component of the Series to both the Newark and Camden - customized for those campuses. We offered the Collaborative Development Series this summer to a group of participants from Technical and Automated Services.

Other Action Items for Committee Members

Tricia Libutti will be doing benchmarking to see what kinds of Professional/Training Development programming are being offered in other libraries across the country.

Vib Bowman will look into the ALA Allied Professional Association for standards and guideline in training and professional competencies.

Tracey Meyer will look into planning a Committee-sponsored lecture and tour of the Dana library art collection.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM.

* = T & L stands for Training and Learning Advisory Committee

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