Minutes of October 20, 2004 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Pamela Johnson (recorder), Patricia Libutti, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt (chair)

Chair Update

Marilyn Wilt reported that the new employee orientation scheduled for next week. Marilyn talked about collaboration with other library associations and consortiums, such as ARL (Associated Research Libraries) and VALE (Virtual Academic Library Environment) of NJ.

State of the Libraries

Marilyn reviewed the program for the 2004 State of the Libraries. The program has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, at the Busch Campus Center. Registration and breakfast will be in one room. Two rooms will be used for the showcase of digital and analog projects. Center Hall has been reserved for the formal program. The theme of the program is titled: Creating our Future". The five part formal presentation will link to the five strategic goals (Academic Excellence, Students & Campuses, Service & Constituency Relations, Resources for Rutgers, and Leadership & Administration) of the State of the Libraries. She is looking for all TLAC members to help out at the registration.

Marilyn will contact Harry Glazer to include a piece on the State of the Libraries, and later on Ask a Librarian.

For the digital and analog showcase, Jeff and Marilyn will be putting together pictures and power points on the professional development segment.

Diversity Training

Marilyn will schedule to meet with UHR person Andrea Monroe-Green to look at the contents of diversity training. The idea is to run a series of programs on all three campuses. The programs will focus on beyond diversity: how we do business with each other, how we communicate with each other, and leadership development.

Technical Skills Development Series

The fall schedule will begin November 23rd 2004, and run until the end of February 2005.


Judith and Marilyn are putting together an issue on "Envisioning the Future to post to the T & D web site.


Jeff and Tracy are working on developing a supervisory renewal program. They will talk with Chris at DANA to put together a list.

Leadership Development Track

Jeff shared with the committee another valuable professional development program titled "Train the Trainer". This three-day program got great reviews from other attending supervisors. Vibiana also report that there was positive feedback in Camden on the program. Judith will look into signing up.

Next Steps

Pam and Marilyn will meet to talk about updating the T & D web site with State of the Library information.

Marilyn will request from the PCWG Team a status on their "New Employee Training" project.

Marilyn will talk with Natalie Borisovets about doing a demo for the new Ask a Librarian.

The committee talked about looking at "myRutgers" and "End Note" as another communication platform for the libraries.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2 pm, Nicholas Rutgers Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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