Minutes of November 17, 2004 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Anthony Joachim (recorder), Pamela Johnson, Patricia Libutti, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt (chair)

Chair Update

Marilyn Wilt presented the team with a brochure on computer safety, created by the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT); suggesting a brown bag lunch pilot at TSB for the spring.

Technical Skills Development Series

Marilyn talked about the Technical Skill Development series, noting a high attendance for the first two sessions, including staff and librarians from all three campuses.

State of the Libraries Survey

Marilyn discussed the results of the post-State of the Libraries survey, indicating that approximately 45% of attendees responded to the online questionnaire. From these surveys, a variety of comments were collected, and the overall response was positive.

Marilyn will be creating a report based on these results, to be shared with Marianne Gaunt and Cabinet.

Jeff reported on the activity at the Professional Development table, but noted that there was little interest by attendees.


Pam and Marilyn discussed proposed updates to the Training & Development website, and gathered suggestions from the rest of the team. Suggestions included a detailed calendar of courses offered, an online course registration form, and inclusion of important documents from State of the Libraries.

In an effort to better market the T&D website, Marilyn gave the team the charge of developing other ways of providing information to library employees. Some preliminary discussion identified some potential methods, including a Desktop icon to the website (PJ), and the creation of a "Workshop of the Month" series (JT & TM). All team members were asked to come to the December meeting with further ideas for promoting the T&D website.


Canvassing the Web for Professional Development Opportunities
Patricia Libutti presented her report, focused on professional development opportunities on the Internet. The report identified a number of areas represented on the American Library Association and Association of College and Research Libraries' websites, making special note of the ALA's emphasis on information literacy.

Supervisor Refresher Program
Jeff and Tracey determined that there are two categories of user to be addressed with supervisor training: new and experienced, and new to Rutgers University Libraries.

In addition, they identified a certificate program called the Supervisor Development Program, which is offered through University Human Resources. A recommendation was made to approach UHR in order to offer this program to the Libraries.

Marilyn will work with Jeff and Tracey to develop a plan of action, in order to move forward with this suggestion.

Technical New Employee Orientation Marilyn briefly discussed the progress of the Technical New Employee Orientation being developed with PCWG. Pam and Tony talked about the status of this program, and indicated that PCWG intends to have a majority of the documentation ready by their December meeting.

Leadership Institute

Marilyn presented a document with suggestions for leadership programs in the spring. A discussion ensued which touched on a number of themes, and plans. The team identified Emotional Intelligence and Changing Environment of Libraries as topics of interest to pursue. These topics would be presented in a number of sessions, offered on all three campuses, and would be half-day events open to both staff and librarians. The group agreed that we would like to bring in a nationally reknowned speaker on our selected topics, to kick off the series. This initial presentation would be telecast to all three campuses.

Marilyn will prepare a list of potential speakers to bring to the next meeting.

Next Steps

Marilyn will consult with OIT regarding a brown bag series on computer security in the spring.

Marilyn and Pam will continue to update the T&D website.

Marilyn will draft a report based on the results of the State of the Libraries survey.

The entire team will brainstorm ideas for better marketing the T&D website.

Marilyn, Jeff and Tracey will develop a plan of action for incorporating UHR's Supervisor Training Program into the Libraries.

Marilyn will identify potential speakers for the Leadership Institute which is being developed for the spring.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2 pm, Nicholas Rutgers Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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