Minutes of February 16, 2005 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Jeanne Boyle, Patricia Libutti, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann (recorder), Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt (chair)

Chair Updates

Marilyn suggested setting up a list serve to present and discuss ongoing projects/issues of the committee in between meetings. The group heartily agreed. Marilyn will set up a list serve.

Marilyn met with the PCWG for a pilot run of the tech training for new employees. The group decided some 'tweaking' was needed. They also decided to create guidelines for the new employee that will include the role/relationship of the unit PC Coordinator. The training session and guidelines should be ready during Spring 2005.

Technical Skills Development Series and other training issues

Marilyn informed the committee that there will be a tech series for the Spring 2005 semester - details to follow.

Marilyn mentioned that other committee's plans to meet RU/RUL strategic goals will have training aspects/components, so there will be other training programs to follow. An example of this would be training on SearchPath that could be coupled with training/information sessions involving Information Literacy and Customer Service.

Draft of Implementation Schedule - Strategic Plan Initiatives

The group reviewed the draft implementation schedule - Creating Our Future - Leading the Way! 2005 - 2006. The order of the programs was deemed satisfactory and was found to cover each of the elements the committee plans to use to support the strategic plan - Discover, Energize, Celebrate.

Several topics/issues were brought up for discussion -

Several events were discussed in detail -

The Survey Said...

In addition to surveying the RUL faculty and staff about the book club, it was also determined that a survey could be used to collect data for other programs. Marilyn will draft a survey and post it to the list serve or bring to the March meeting for review. The survey will collect interest and data for the following areas-

RUL Training and Development Web site

While the discussion of the website was tabled for this meeting, it was noted that more prominent links to tutorials, such as Word, End-Note, ProSite, and others available from Net-Library, would prove useful.

Next Steps

Marilyn will set up a list-serve for the committee members (DONE!)

Marilyn will draft a survey and post it to the list serve or bring to the March meeting for review.

The entire team will brainstorm ideas for celebrating National Library Week at RUL.

Marilyn and Tracey will work on plans for the Creativity Fair.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2005, 2 pm, Nicholas Rutgers Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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