Minutes of March 16, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Pamela Johnson, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward (recorder), Marilyn Wilt (chair)

Chair Update

Marilyn Wilt reported that Tony Joachim had taken upon new responsibilities, and is no longer on the committee. Marilyn introduced the new member, Glenn Sandberg, head of ILL, who brings a wide range of experience to the committee. Marilyn introduced the agenda: discussing the celebrations of the National Library Week and evaluating the result of the Training and Learning Advisory Committee survey.

National Library Week

Marilyn suggested that the committee dedicate a large portion of this meeting to organize the programs for the National Library Week to be held April 10-16 this year. The committee briefly reviewed some established events, which had been successful in the past years for this occasion at various locations, such as student-workers' recognition, "Bring your child to work", and a variety of other events for the general acknowledgement of staff. Jeff described in detail the New Brunswick celebrations in order to give further ideas.

The committee adopted the ALA-idea of "providing something for everyone" during the National Library Week.

It was followed by a short discussion on the possible locations and timing. Members then involved in a brainstorming about the potential programs, and agreed on a kick-off in SCC on Thursday, April 14th, at 2 o'clock, videoconferenced to Camden and Newark. Other programs will involve looking back what RUL achieved in the past year, sharing statistics from the various libraries and departments, showing where we are going, and celebrating.

The committee was also trying to find out a viable way university management could be involved to express their appreciation of the library staff for the Rutgers community, and how this event could be communicated widely throughout the three campuses and online. The committee has created a good strategy for the National Library Week.


Marilyn shared the results of the Training and Learning Advisory Committee survey with the committee. With 81 responses, from which 54 can be evaluated, the committee found the survey successful, and discussed the results in detail. Marilyn will draft promotional documents based on the survey.

The committee has decided to keep the survey open to seek further input. Marilyn asked everyone to submit further remarks on the listserv.

Next Steps

Jeanne will look into the possibility to facilitate the original idea, president's letter to appreciate librarians and staff to the users. Marilyn will investigate what to put on the flyer, and will also collect statistical data to share from the libraries and departments.

Jeff has kindly agreed to take care of some technical details in conjunction with the main event.

Members were encouraged to share further ideas on the listserv.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2 pm, Nicholas Rutgers Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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