Minutes of April 20, 2005 Meeting

Addie Fuller, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Marilyn Wilt

Marilyn asked if anyone had gotten feedback on our Creating Our Future: Leading the Way! party of April 14. The comments seemed to be positive, supportive, and interested in seeing what is "coming". Marilyn will send out materials [programs, Did You Know sheets, buttons] to Dana, Douglass, LSM, and TAS to follow-up on the party.

We talked about initial brown bag sessions: May's brown bag will be a presentation on the 2005 Access Services Symposium held at Princeton University Library in March. Marilyn will invite Chris Sterback and Gracemary Smulewitz to consider doing a brown bag in June on the SIRSI users' conference held in February. For the remainder of the summer, Marilyn suggested doing book discussions, possibly moving into some of the Emotional Intelligence literature.

As for our first showcase, we invited Addie to champion the project, and talk with Gary Golden about the possibility of spotlighting Robeson Library. We talked about putting the showcase together over the next few months, debuting it at State of the Libraries, with an accompanying tabletop display to provide additional material.

Marilyn, Jeff, and Tracey will work on plans for the implementation of the supervisory development series, with an intended start in the fall.

In brief discussion of the Creativity Fair, we decided that we should aim to have a Fair on each campus, and we would suggest potential dates-January 12 and 13, 2006. We decided that we wanted to be sure to have a section in the Fair for people to showcase "Our Pets" - a fun photo gallery of owners and their pets!

We will work on confirming dates and topics for the brown bags so that we can announce the schedule for the summer, particularly if we will be facilitating book discussions and we would want people to have time to read the books. At the same time, we will want to give advance notice of the Creativity Fair so that people can begin thinking about what they might want to bring.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Notes prepared by Marilyn Wilt.

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