Minutes of May 18, 2005 Meeting

M. Wilt, P. Johnson, G. Sandberg, J.A. Fuller, J. Teichmann, J. Ward, K. Anderson

Call to order: 2:12 pm

1. Brown Bag Luncheon series

The brown bag for May 24 will feature a round robin discussion led by attendees at the Access Services Symposium held at Princeton University in March. Marilyn will send out a reminder tomorrow, May 19. The next brown bag is tentatively scheduled for June 22 and will feature attendees from the SIRSI Users Group conference. Julie Still will be the presenter at the July or August brown bag, originating from Robeson.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Any committee work on topics dealing with emotional intelligence will be delayed. Marilyn is working with the Planning and Coordinating Committee on a workshop entitled "Fostering Professional Development through Mentoring" for faculty librarians. She recommends postponing the initiation of the proposed Emotional Intelligence series until we have a better understanding of next steps following this workshop.

3. Super Supervisor Program

Jeff reported that the program has been consolidated to combine topics designed both for new supervisors as well as seasoned supervisors. Tentative topics include: Moving from Employee to Supervisor, Communication, Time Management, Discipline and Documentation, and Handling Difficult Situations between Management and Staff. Jeff and Tracey will discuss how and whether to include a topic on the issues surrounding supervising students versus supervising staff.

4. RUL Showcase

The first RUL Showcase will feature the Robeson Library on the Camden campus. Marilyn will discuss this proposed Showcase with Gary Golden, and, if he agrees with the proposal, she will work with Katie, and Addie to coordinate the project. Videotaping will take place in the summer and early fall.

5. State of the Libraries

The State of the Libraries will take place on November 2, 2005 at the Busch Student Center. Marilyn suggested that this event could include a performance of the RUL Players, perhaps dramatizing a process or procedure.

6. Creativity Fair

The Creativity Fair will take place during the winter intersession on January 12 and 13, 2006. There will be Fairs on each campus. Marilyn will send out an announcement late in the summer describing the format of the Fair. The fair will include a "Pet Pavilion" to include photographs, etc.

7. Campus Visits

Judit will draft a plan for campus tours and branch library tours. Judit recommended that the draft should be organized around tours of branch libraries by campus: Busch/Livingston, Cook/Douglass, College Avenue, Camden, and Newark. When groups come to New Brunswick from Camden and Newark, their tours would be full day events. The intra-New Brunswick tours will be half-day events.

8. New Employee Orientation

Marilyn has been working with the PC Working Group and John Maxymuk on a best practices computing page for new library employees. Jeff recently worked with a new library employee and found this page to be quite effective.

9. Instructional Services Committee

The Instructional Services Committee has completed their on-line information literacy tutorial, SearchPath, and will partner with the Training and Learning Committee in educating and marketing the tutorial to the Libraries' community.

10. Miscellaneous

Marilyn shared several recommendations from the Communications Audit Report that the TLC may be working on in the near future.

11. Celebration for TLC

Marilyn proposes to host the Committee in July for a "thank you" and "congratulations" party.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:52 pm.


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