Minutes of June 22, 2005 Meeting

M. Wilt, P. Johnson, G. Sandberg, J.A. Fuller, J. Teichmann, J. Ward, C. Ingram, J. Boyle, T. Meyer

Call to order: 2:05 pm

1. Brown Bag Luncheon series.

Marilyn has received proposals and suggestions for additional Brown Bag Luncheons. Among the proposed topics are ergonomics and a review of the emergency manuals. The committee asked if there might be a tie-in with training initiatives originating from the Access Services functional groups. The possibility of coordinating an ergonomics fair with REHS was suggested. Tracey will coordinate the SIRSI Brown Bag scheduled for mid-July. Jeff will consult with REHS on an ergonomics fair. Marilyn will consult with Julie Still on her Brown Bag presentation, topic and date to be determined.

2. Supervisory Development Series.

The series will target entry-level supervisors but it is useful across all supervisory levels. It will focus on initial needs of the supervisor and renewal of supervisory skills. The topics, objectives, and outcomes have been established; an evaluation platform is still lacking. The proposed session attendance goal is 10-12, but 8-10 can also be a desirable number of attendees. Chris will consult with Jeff and Tracey on the Newark program (Bil Leipold had done a similar program at Newark). Jeanne mentioned getting Cabinet support for supervisors to attend this series. Tracey expressed concern over developing content.

3. Technical Skill Development Series.

Marcie Anszperger, Director of Staff Computer Literacy at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, will facilitate all of the programs. Videoconferencing is available upon request. The series schedule is as follows:

Basic Excel: Monday, September 12, 2005. 1:00-4:30, IHL 413
Intermediate Excel: Monday, September 26, 2005. 1:00-4:30, IHL 413
Excel: Charts and Pivot Tables: Thursday, October 6, 2005. 1:00-4:30, IHL 413
Basic Access (One-Day Workshop): Tuesday, October 18, 2005. IHL 413
Intermediate Access (One-Day Workshop): Tuesday, November 1. 2005, IHL 413

4. Campus Tours.

Judit's proposal had previously been distributed to the committee via e-mail. Access Services functional groups may schedule their meetings at a site in which they are interested. A trial run with a Reserve functional group meeting at the Technical Services Building went well. The tour of TSB lasted 45 minutes; preparation took 60 minutes. The focus of the tour was to follow the path of a book from ordering through processing to placement on the shelf at the owning library. Judit believes tour participants came away with a good understanding of the chain and who to call when there is a problem. Judit will continue to work on the proposal of both intra-campus and inter- campus tours.

5. Showcases.

Libraries and campuses are under consideration for a "showcase" presentation on video. Robeson Library will be the first showcase feature, with filming/taping to take place during the summer pursuant to a premiere at the State of the Libraries meeting in November. Marilyn will follow up with Gary Golden about specifics. Care will be taken to make sure that this showcase not be redundant, based on last year's State of the Libraries presentation on renovations at Robeson Library. Future showcases will include Douglass Library (renovations) and Dana Library.

6. New Employee Orientation.

The current half-day orientation design involves short presentations from Cabinet, plus presentations on communications, development, history of the Libraries, professional development opportunities, and human resources presentations [separate presentations for faculty librarians and for staff]. The committee discussed adding a presentation on health and safety. Several questions were raised - Is the amount of detail too great? What level of detail is appropriate for a new employee orientation? The committee decided that the emphasis should be on RUL organization and its leaders. The following minimal components were suggested:

  1. University Librarian and Associate University Librarians
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Office of Employee Relations
  4. PC Coordinators (steering to the best practices webpage)-tech new employee orientation
  5. Tom Frusciano and the History of the RUL

Glenn will work with Marilyn on a draft proposal for new employee orientation.

7. Website.

Pam and Marilyn are consulting on "spicing up" the Training and Development website. Pam is doing some benchmarking of other academic libraries' T & D sites to gather new ideas. The committee discussed strategies for getting library staff to go to this page. Jeanne shared some tips on browsing and search strategies.

8. Videoconferencing.

Marilyn has been asked to prepare a presentation on videoconferencing etiquette, focusing on the responsibilities and opportunities for videoconferencing both at the originating site and the remote site. In addition, the presentation would offer tips on using the Libraries' current videoconferencing technology.

9. JAWS Software Training.

JAWS is a software package designed to facilitate the library experiences of visually impaired library users. The JAWS software has been upgraded, so librarians who serve as disabilities coordinators need to be trained in the features of the updated system.

10. State of the Libraries.

The State of the Libraries meeting will be held on November 2, 2005 in the multipurpose rooms of the Busch Student Center. The committee was asked to think about a theme for the meeting, and also to consider the possibility of a skit featuring the RUL Players. Committee members were also asked to think about possibilities for a keynote speaker for the meeting.

11. Creativity Fair.

The Creativity Fair is scheduled for January 12-13, 2006. The committee discussed reserving space at Alexander, Robeson, and Dana Libraries for this event. Marilyn will send out an initial announcement sometime in August 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.


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