Minutes of July 20, 2005 Meeting

M. Wilt, P. Johnson, G. Sandberg, J.A. Fuller, J. Teichmann, J. Ward, T. Meyer

Call to order: 2:20 pm

1. Brown Bag Luncheon series

There will be a Brown Bag presentation on Ergonomics on Tuesday, July 26 at 1:30 pm in the Pane Room (not a luncheon). The brown Bag on SIRSI/Unicorn will be held on Wednesday, August 10 in the Pane Room or the TAS Conference Room. Julie Still from Camden is considering as topics for her Brown Bag either "Librarians in Academic Fiction" or "Personal Public Relations in the Libraries." The committee discussed the latter topic and a possible tie-in with performance appraisal policies and procedures. Marilyn encouraged committee members to solicit ideas for the Brown Bag series. Presentations under consideration include Rhonda Marker and her conference blog and Grace Agnew and the repository.

2. JAWS Software Training

The JAWS software will be upgraded in New Brunswick, but not in Newark or Camden. Training in the upgraded software will take place during the second week in August on all three campuses nevertheless.

3. Supervisory Development Series

Learning outcomes in the broad, overarching sense, have been established for each element of the series. Individual learning outcomes have also been established. Marilyn told the committee that there is a recent emphasis in the libraries on the importance of 1) Communication, 2) Effective Meetings, and 3) Videoconferencing Techniques. These may be included in the series.

4. New Employee Orientation

Marilyn and Glenn have come up with a new outline for New Employee Orientation:

  1. Introduction of Rutgers University Libraries
  2. University Librarian and Associate University Librarians' Presentations
  3. Tom Frusciano and the History of the RUL
  4. Human Resources Presentations
  5. Tech Orientation (to include the PC Coordinators)
  6. Professional Development Opportunities
  7. Strategic Plan

5. Mentoring for Staff and Emotional Intelligence.

The committee discussed Marilyn's work in staff mentoring together with our own initiative in emotional intelligence. Possible approaches for the emotional intelligence initiative could include "True Colors" or other group role-playing forums. One goal of the initiative is to create a safe work environment in which employees are free to express themselves and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. An overall goal of the initiative could be to make RUL a desirable place to work within the University, if not the best place to work at Rutgers.

6. State of the Libraries.

One focus of the State of the Libraries meeting will be the Libraries' contribution to undergraduate education. Acting Director of New Brunswick Libraries Francoise Puniello may be invited to speak on this issue. Other speakers on undergraduate education and the libraries could be library staff who attended the Palinet seminar on libraries and customer service. The committee is also considering inviting Vice President for Student Affairs Gregory Blimling to be a featured speaker at the State of the Libraries meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 pm.

NEXT MEETING: September 21, 2005

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