Minutes of September 21, 2005 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman (remote), Jeanne Boyle, J. Addie Fuller (remote), Yoshiko Ishii (for Chris Ingram), Pamela Johnson (recorder), Patricia Libutti, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt (chair).

Call to order: 2:10 pm

1. Review of Committee Charge: J. Boyle (facilitator)

The committee revisited its goals and objectives. The question was put on the table: what percent hands-on versus hands-off role should the committee play? Should the committee reach outside to have its ideas / plans undertaken? Given our load, the issue of time constraint to work on committees' projects was expressed. If time constraint is an issue, then more focus on prioritizing of the committee's plans should be looked at. Two items were identified as being of priority one: State of the Libraries and New Employee Orientation. Jeanne will post a list of discussion questions related to this committee charge; members will channel feedback to Jeanne.

2. Project Status Checks

a) Supervisor Development Series

Jeff reported that he has identified the first two programs in the series. This first session would focus on "What is a good supervisor?" This session would run about a half-day. The second topic— "Effective Communication Skills"— is broad enough that we will need multiple sessions to cover all of the material. The series is intended to target supervisors with fewer than three years experience, but we would expect that there may be supervisors who have had supervisory responsibilities for many years who would also consider attending some of the series' sessions as a refresher. Jeff will prepare a full write-up of the first session to present to the Committee at its October meeting. The Committee will make final recommendations and then announce the date and time of the session.

b) Brown Bags

Marilyn suggested that we identify a more "dignified" name for these lunchtime presentations. The committee selected the name "Lunchtime Seminar Series". Tracey Meyer has proposed a lunchtime seminar on the recent NISO Conference on Innovative Uses of OpenURL and Metasearch.

c) Showcase

The Paul Robeson Library will be featured in the first showcase set to debut at State of the Libraries. While we had initially discussed having the showcase be both a video tour/ spotlight, and a tabletop display, we have decided that we will begin with just the tabletop display. Addie is coordinating the development of the showcase display that will capture the "essence" of the Paul Robeson Library.

d) State of the Libraries

Marilyn reported on the State of the Libraries. The program has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, in the Multipurpose Rooms ABC, Busch Campus Center. This year's theme will be focusing on library services that support undergraduate education. The rooms will be set up with tables and chairs to facilitate participants' having breakfast, browsing the Showcase, and connecting with colleagues. The formal presentations will include Marianne Gaunt reviewing the year, updating us on the strategic plan—where we are now and where we are headed; Susan Beck, Chair of the Libraries' Assessment Committee, sharing results of the LibQUAL+ Survey that was conducted in the spring semester; and the Libraries' Advisory Committee on Diversity presenting a series of short skits on effective customer service.

3. Next Steps

Glenn and Marilyn will be working on finalizing the design of this year's New Employee Orientation.

Marilyn is working on scheduling a repeat of the September 15 program on Effective Meetings, and a separate program on Effective Videoconferencing.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 19, beginning at 2:00 pm, University Librarian's Conference Room, 3rd floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Johnson, Recorder

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