Minutes of November 9, 2005 Meeting

J. Teichmann, G. Sandberg, M. Wilt, T. Meyer, J. Ward, P. Johnson

This meeting was scheduled in lieu of our regular monthly meeting in order to preview the first session of the Super Supervisory Series. J. Teichmann and M. Wilt conducted a "dry run" of the session for members of TLC. The meeting began with the following updates by M. Wilt:

1. M. Wilt is working with Richard Novack on running a session on running effective meetings and videoconferencing techniques.

2. Lunchtime seminars for December. We are tentatively scheduling a session on Director's Station to be held after the demo for Cabinet. Chris Sterback, Robert Warwick and Judy Gardner will present the demo. The session on the 2005 New Media Centers New England Regional Conference held at Yale University during October. This will be held on December 14, 2005 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. in the Pane Room.

3. M. Wilt reported that she received good feedback from this year's State of the Libraries feedback form. She has already scheduled the rooms for next year's event.

4. M. Wilt met with Marcie Anszberger to discuss the Tech Skills offerings. We need to guarantee at least 10 participants per session. A needs assessment will be conducted to make sure we will be able to fill the sessions.

5. A proposal for the NJ Train the Trainer program has been written to present to Cabinet. TLC proposes sending four RUL faculty/staff to this year's training. There is an expectation that participants will be asked to deliver training upon completion of the program. M. Wilt further suggests forming a group of alumni who have previously completed this program.

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