Minutes of December 21, 2005 Meeting

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First of all, thanks and congratulations to all of you! This has been an exciting and challenging year, and together we have facilitated the development of a vibrant learning environment at the Libraries. Our plan, Creating Our Future-Leading the Way!, uses both informal and formal learning experiences to enliven the learning environment.

Some food for thought as we move into 2006:

1. After concluding the year with a lively lunchtime seminar, "Engaging or Enraging Our Students: New Challenges…New Ideas", we need to develop a roster of lunchtime seminars for 2006 that will continue the shared learning. One thought from our December committee meeting- collaborate with SAPAC in offering some seminars that would spotlight faculty research. We also will continue the reports from outside conferences and symposia as attendees return to campus.

2. We have submitted a proposal for an ALA H.W. Wilson staff development grant. The proposal focuses on The Super Supervisor Series, and maps out a series of four programs that would be phase one of our multi-year supervisory development series.

3. Jeff and I will collaborate on The Super Supervisor Series. We are in the final stages of development of the first program in the series (debuted at our November 9 meeting), and will move into the subsequent programs in the new year. He and I will develop an implementation strategy to offer the programs throughout the year, and on all campuses.

4. We will collaborate with Rich Novak and Peter Mattaliano of Continuous Education to offer a program on Effective Videoconferencing on Friday, January 27, 2006, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The program will integrate the basic principles of Effective Meetings (Karen Novick's September 15 program) and basic principles of Effective Videoconferencing. The program will be offered at the Janice H. Levin Building in New Brunswick (Continuous Education video classroom) and will be videoconferenced to Continuous Education video classrooms in both Camden and Newark. Rich and I will finalize arrangements and design after the first of the year.

5. We are in the final stages of processing the applications for the Train-the-Trainer program. The Training and Learning Committee will sponsor four participants in the program that will be March 8-10, and March 17, 2006. I will be meeting with the T3 "alums" early in the new year, and will formally announce the program to RUL_EVERYONE when all the details are firm.

6. I have shared the results of my informal Tech Skill Development needs assessment/survey with Marcie Anszperger, and she and I will meet in early January to firm up plans for the spring programs that will be offered in April and May. Marcie is interested in having full classes of at least 10 people, so that, for those classes where we do not have 10 signed up, she will offer the available seats to interested people outside the libraries.

7. We will collaborate with Brent Ruben and Sherrie Trump of the Center for Organization Development and Leadership in implementing Emotional Intelligence training for Cabinet in late spring.

8. As a follow-on program to our programs on effective meetings, I am negotiating with several people at RU to come to the libraries to offer facilitation training. The program would be open to everyone in the RUL community, and will probably be offered in the late spring.

9. 2006 National Library Week will be April 2-8, 2006. The theme this year is "Change Your World @ Your Library." We have already begun discussing activities for this week, including a revamped/reimagined New Employee Orientation. (Jeanne shared her PowerPoint presentation to Nordic librarians that visited in 2001 as a building block element for the reimagined system- wide orientation.) We also talked in December about expanding the focus of the orientation to include partnering with the various key departments/units' orientation programs. At our January 18 meeting, I would like to continue this discussion to develop some ways to facilitate both the system-wide orientation and the departmental. In addition to the NEO, we might want to consider activities that would grow out of the National Library Week theme-e.g. partnering with the Diversity Committee, offering a workshop on creativity, etc.

10. I invite everyone on the committee to consider ways in which we can make the T & D website a "go to" place for access to information, learning resources, etc. I would like to offer access to learning opportunities both on-campus and off-campus, to encourage everyone in the libraries' community to consider ways they might expand their skills and knowledge, and enrich their job experience.

The next meeting of the Training and Learning Committee will be Wednesday, January 18, 2006, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. We will meet in the University Librarian's Conference Room at Alexander, and videoconference to both Dana and Robeson.

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