Minutes of January 18, 2006 Meeting

Marilyn Wilt, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Pam Johnson, Tracey Meyer, Chris Ingram, Yoshiko Ishii

H.W. Wilson Grant Update/ Super Supervisor Series

Marilyn updated the committee on the progress of the H.W. Wilson Grant application. The basis for the application was the Super Supervisor series. The series consists of four programs:

  1. Transition to Supervisor
  2. Communication Skills Verbal
  3. Communication Skills Written
  4. Dealing with Difficult Situations

A self-assessment form will be distributed to participants prior to the second program. Marilyn solicited ideas for the second program; Glenn suggested a discussion of communication skills needed for dealing with employees for whom English is a second language. Tracey suggested situational verbal skills. Jeff expanded on these ideas for the committee. Marilyn then solicited ideas for the third program; Glenn suggested template design. Chris suggested a discussion of grievance and discipline procedures as part of the fourth program. Chris warned against duplicating programs that already exist at University Human Resources and the Office of Employee Relations.

Train The Trainer Program

The four participants in this year's Train The Trainer program are: Mira Foster, Kristen Ko, Nicole Warren, and Holly Muller. These four individuals will join the Train The Trainer "alumni" to form the TTT Group, a subgroup of the Training and Learning Committee. This will ensure that the Training and Learning Committee remains a player in the emergent strategic plan of Rutgers University Libraries.

Effective Videoconferencing Program

You Can't Do That on Television! Using Videoconferencing to Support More Effective Meetings will be presented on Friday, January 27, 2006 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The program facilitators will be Richard Novak, Associate Vice President, Continuous Education and Distance Learning, and Peter Mattaliano, Director, Instructional Technologies and Television. The meeting room locations are the continuing education classrooms on the three campuses: In Camden: Dean's Conference room in Armitage Hall, in Newark: Conklin Hall, room 449, and in New Brunswick: Janice Levin Building on Livingston campus, room 219.

National Library Week, April 2-8

The theme for this year's National Library Week is "Change Your World @ Your Library." Marie Radford of SCILS will present a workshop on time management on Tuesday, April 4 from 9:00 12:00. The committee will also hold New Employee Orientation that week with a revamped agenda. The committee is encouraged to develop ideas for National Library Week, including a possible collaboration with the RUL Diversity Committee.

Training and Development Website

The committee discussed reshaping this website as an educational resource repository. Marilyn will investigate the creation of an on-line registration form (suggested by Tracey) for all advertised events. Jeff suggested on-line post-program assessment forms as well. The committee discussed links to courses with tuition costs; Marilyn will discuss with Cabinet a professional development fund to support participation in courses that charge tuition. Jeff suggested that nationwide professional library organizations may wish to design regional professional development initiatives. Some of the links the committee considered adding to the training and development website include:

UHR  Palinet  Teaching Excellence Center
ALA  RLG  Center for Management Development
ARL  CAT  Center for Leadership & Organizational Development
Metro  WILD  Continuing Education
SCILS  ORSP  Business Management Certificate Program

Lunchtime Seminars

The committee concluded the meeting with a discussion of some possible topics and presenters for lunchtime seminars. Chris suggested the Institute of Jazz Studies as a forum for presentation. Marilyn discussed possible collaboration with SAPAC. Attendees at professional conferences will be sounded out for their willingness to participate.

Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Sandberg

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 15, 2:00 pm

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