Minutes of March 15, 2006 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Pam Johnson, Tracey Meyer, Jeff Teichmann (recorder), Marilyn Wilt (chair)
Via Videoconference: Katie Anderson, Vibiana Bowman, Yoshi Ishii

I. Review of Minutes of February 15, 2006 meeting

Marilyn reviewed the major points of last month's meeting:
The Training and Development website is going to be redesigned so as to serve as a more of an education center and/or resource to the RUL community. Items II and III were mentioned, but discussed in further detail as they came up on the agenda.

II. Supervising for Excellence Series

Marilyn reviewed the document drafted by herself and Jeanne outlining the series for RUL Cabinet. The committee is asking Cabinet to identify the supervisor participants for the program. The committee recommends that the two groups of participants be a mix of both experienced and new supervisors, and include supervisors from all three campuses. With the committee's approval, Jeanne will present the document to the RUL Cabinet.

III. National Library Week (NLW) Programs

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