Minutes of October 18, 2006 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Yoshiko Ishii, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward (recorder), Marilyn Wilt (chair), Donna Wertheimer

State of the Libraries

Marilyn reviewed the status and the logistics of the upcoming event, continuing our theme Creating Our Future-Leading the Way! Two venues have been booked in Busch Campus Center: the International Student Lounge is available for the showcase and breakfast from 8:45 to 10:00, while the Multipurpose Room will host the main program including formal presentations and a skit, starting at 10. In addition to a formal registration desk staffed by central administration staff members, TLC committee members will co-host and guide.

Marilyn has been partnering with several groups and individuals to facilitate the development of the program. Anne Butman and Systems staff members will provide technical assistance and handle the setup of the showcase and the laptop for the formal presentation. Darryl Voorhees has offered to print the formal program Marilyn has drafted. Marilyn and Harry Glazer have taken pictures of the new employees that have joined the libraries since the last State of the Libraries. Jeff Teichmann is creating a photo essay reflecting on the libraries past and present. The photo essay will be displayed before the start of the formal program, and at the end.

Different colored nametags will be provided for current and retired employees. A copy of the printed program booklet will be sent to members of the RUL community who are unable to attend. Other logistics issues were also covered (tablecloth, microphones, etc.)

Lunchtime seminars and afternoon training sessions

The committee reviewed some potential topics for future events, starting with PC issues (security, management, best practices), which will also include the effective use of email and email etiquette. A quick brainstorming followed, which resulted in further ideas, such as electronic dissertations, the repository, etc. The committee agreed that the showcase at the State of the Libraries serves as an excellent source for ideas and will look into potential presentations on some of the projects spotlighted there.

During the brainstorming the committee had a lively discussion about the nature of these seminars with the main outcome to bear in mind that training sessions and programs directly related to staff jobs should be differentiated and handled separately from areas of wider interest with informative and not strictly job-related content.

Brainstorming on some other training events followed, including potential areas TLC might be of help with system- wide efforts of integration by educating and enhancing the process. The committee will look into potential training events on all three campuses as well as online training, and the idea of scheduling the next State of the Libraries on a different campus has also been discussed. The committee agreed that these training events would be scheduled in the afternoon hours in 90-minute, repeatable programs on each campus. The tentative topics, in addition to the technical areas, include time management, effective meetings, communication and facilitation skills, and perhaps database and literacy training to staff. Marilyn will draft a framework of these sessions for our next meeting.

Update on Technical Development Series

The Technical Skill Development Series is currently on hiatus. Marilyn has been working with Marcie Anszperger, series facilitator, to devise some strategies for the series to resume. Marcie is willing to continue to facilitate, but needs to have a minimum of 10 participants enrolled in each session. Our enrollments have typically ranged between five and seven participants. Marcie told Marilyn that she would be unable to invite participants from other parts of the University, because most of them are using Microsoft Office 2003, not 2000, currently installed in our IHLs. The committee is looking to Grace Agnew for guidance and advice in this.

New member welcome

The committee members introduced themselves to Donna Wertheimer, librarian at Camden, who joined the meeting via videoconference.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2006, 2 pm, University Librarian's Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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