Minutes of January 10, 2007 Meeting

Pam Johnston, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Judit Ward (recorder), Marilyn Wilt (chair), Donna Wertheimer
James P. Niessen, Fernanda Perrone, John Shepard

Lunchtime Seminars

Marilyn greeted and introduced our guests, James P. Niessen, Fernanda Perrone, John Shepard from SAPAC, who participated in the January meeting to discuss possible collaboration between the two committees. Marilyn briefly presented TLC future plans for lunchtime seminars, including presentations inspired by projects showcased at the State of the Libraries. For example: (1) Ann Montanaro and Shaun Ellis's presentation on RU ETD: Rutgers University Electronic Theses and Dissertations Submission and Review Process; (2) Eileen Stec's presentation on What Makes a Journal Scholarly? An Online Tutorial; (3) Ed Berger's presentation, Just a Mood: Jazz and Other Images, 1966-2006; (4) Ka-Neng Au's presentation of his online tutorial, Resources for International Business Research: A Tutorial on Blackboard.

The SAPAC members in attendance described a new venture of their committee, research salons, which will provide opportunities for faculty librarians to keep their research agendas alive. SAPAC is currently reviewing its charge to explore how they can better focus. The chairs of the two committees, Marilyn Wilt and John Shepard, will meet separately to develop a plan to hopefully avoid scheduling conflicts and determine possible points of collaboration.

Supervising for Excellence

Jeff and Marilyn have developed the first three half-day sessions of the Supervising for Excellence series, which they plan to offer in the Pane Room for 12-15 invited participants. The series will not be videoconferenced to support successfully achieving the intended learning outcomes. Cabinet will identify the participants for the series.

Other Training and Learning Series in Creating Our Future-Leading the Way!

Glenn and Marilyn have reviewed the other programs in the Training and Learning Series, (1) Collaborating at Rutgers University Libraries; (2) Navigating Strategically; and (3) Harnessing Technologies to Successfully Reach Goals, identifying opportunities for collaboration both within the Libraries and the larger University.

Update on Technology Development Series

The Technology Development Series, entitled Harnessing Technologies to Successfully Reach Goals, has been designed in partnership with the PC Working Group. Anne Butman and Marilyn have identified the first four programs in the series. Each program will be offered twice, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, to accommodate varied needs and work schedules. The first program, Effective Management and Use of Email will be offered January 24 and 25. Pam is coordinating further details with the PC Working Group.

New T & D web page

Jeanne and Marilyn have been working on redesigning the committee's current web page to facilitate members of the Libraries community finding desired training and learning opportunities both within the University and outside. Marilyn presented the new site drafted by the Libraries' Webmaster, Sam McDonald. Among the changes: (1) a listing of currently scheduled training and learning programs at the Libraries; (2) an expanded Resources section linking to training opportunities both within the University and outside. With each link are brief descriptions of the programs offered at the particular site. Marilyn plans to develop an archive of tutorials and handouts used in previous programs as well as links to PowerPoint and other presentations to augment the Resources available on the site. She is working with Jeanne and Sam to design an online registration form for use in registering for RUL programs.

The committee identified several corrections, and brainstormed ways to launch and promote the use of the new T & D site by everyone in the RUL Community.

National Library Week

This year National Library Week will be held April 15-21 with the theme "Come together@ your library". The committee reviewed the 2006 programs, and decided that one single event would be the most feasible for this year, organized in partnership with the Libraries' Committee on Diversity, possibly similar to last year's successful Spring Festivals event. Libraries of the World came up as one possible topic of this event, and the committee discussed the scope of the audience targeted. They agreed to think about potential presenters, the event's overall design, and an appropriate title to engage potentially as large a number of participants as attended last year's event. Marilyn will work with Triveni Kuchi, Diversity Committee chair, to coordinate the collaborative design.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for February 21, 2007, 2 pm, University Librarian's Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Alexander Library, New Brunswick.

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