Minutes of September 17, 2008 Meeting

Mary Beth Weber (chair and recorder), John Brennan, Lila Fredenburg, Sara Harrington, Christine Ingram (via videoconferencing), Tracey Meyer, Roberta Tipton (via videoconferencing), Donna Wertheimer (via videoconferencing), Marilyn Wilt
Jeff Teichmann


Executive Summary: The Committee discussed projects that are in progress as well future programs and directions.

I. Welcome and Introductions

Chair Mary Beth Weber welcomed members and reviewed the agenda. Members introduced themselves.

II. Review of Committee Charge

The committee's current charge will be reviewed and updated. The chair tabled this item until the next meeting. A document will be sent for committee members to review before the next meeting.

III. Status of Current Programs and Projects

Libraries Training and Learning Coordinator Marilyn Wilt reported on the status of current programs and activities undertaken by the committee including Banned Books Week:

Banned Books Week

IV. Goals

Goals for the committee were briefly discussed; the chair will distribute a draft document to the committee.

V. Discussion of Future Programs and Projects

The process of how programs are developed was discussed as well as how ideas and feedback may be solicited.

Ideas for lunchtime seminars were also discussed.

Possible topics for upcoming programs/seminars: the Workflow Management System (WMS), MEEBO, Drupal, Project OLE, job exchanges and departmental open houses.

A survey will be developed and distributed to rul_everyone to gauge interest in certain types of programs and training. A calendar for planning events using Google Calendar will be developed.

The possibility of hosting programs at Dana was discussed.

The Committee has a very limited budget and has used the RUL activities grant for some programs.

VI. Outcomes and Conclusion

Mary Beth Weber will handle the revision of the committee charge and goals.
Lila Fredenburg and Marilyn Wilt will develop a calendar for planning the committee's events.
Marilyn Wilt will develop a template for the committee's minutes.
John Brennan will develop a draft of the survey of training needs.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, October 15, 2:00-3:30 in the Alexander Library Conference Room (third floor).

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/training_com/minutes/08-09-17.shtml
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