Minutes of February 18, 2009 Meeting

John Brennan, Kathleen Gillespie (guest), Sara Harrington (recorder) Chris Ingram (via teleconference), Tracey Meyer, Holly Muller, Bobbie Tipton (via teleconference), Mary Beth Weber (chair), Donna Wertheimer (via teleconference), Marilyn Wilt
Lila Fredenburg

Executive Summary

M. Wilt offered a summary of the extensive current and upcoming training and learning offerings taking place in the Libraries; it is a busy semester. Chair Mary Beth Weber will send out a list of programs discussed during the January 2009 Training and Learning Committee meeting. A few revisions were suggested to the Training and Learning survey. It was decided to build upon the already robust Training and Learning website.

The agenda of the meeting was approved

1. The minutes of the January 21, 2009 meeting were approved as revised.

2. There were no announcements.

3. Training and Learning Coordinator's Report (M. Wilt)

There are two lunchtime seminars currently scheduled, the ALA debriefing, and the OLE update, to be held on March 5, 2009.

On March 10 and 12, 2009 an irregular series on technical training will be offered, this time focusing on Intermediate Email management.

The new employee orientation program is underway. On March 11, 2009, new employees (14 faculty and staff who have joined the Libraries since January 1, 2008) will attend a program in the Special Collections room at the Library of Science and Medicine. Tom Frusciano, University Archivist, will present a history of the Libraries, and Marianne Gaunt, Vice-President for Information Services and University Librarian, will offer a welcome. The Diversity Committee will also share a welcome and introduction.

M. Wilt is working with Dana Library faculty and staff on a training series for supervisors. The second program in this series will be offered on March 4, 2009, and will focus on dealing with difficult people. Assistant Chancellor and Director of the Dana Library Mark Winston would like these programs to take place every other month.

A Leadership Management Curriculum of core courses will be piloted at Dana Library on March 26, 2009 and April 14, 2009, as well as during the months of May and June 2009. M. Winston will choose program attendees.

As a part of the Diversity Education Series, the three-part series "Race: Power of an Illusion" will be screened.

M. Wilt is an ex-officio member of the Diversity Committee. The Diversity Committee is planning a Spring 2009 event focused on how the staple the potato is prepared across different cultures. Interestingly, the Libraries just received a book on the subject entitled "The Potato Around the Globe in 200 Recipes." The Committee intends to invite students, faculty, and staff from throughout the Libraries system. No date has been set.

The Health and Safety Committee will organize a series of programs on lock-down procedures. These programs will take place in various libraries. Officer Richard McGilvery will facilitate an hour long presentation on the subject.

Mary Beth Weber asked for additional information on lock down procedures, particularly as they might affect non-public buildings such as the Technical Services Building. It is hoped that each session will provide the opportunity to ask questions about specific building locations, etc.

A discussion will be facilitated following the March 6, 2009 faculty meeting on the recent CLIR report entitled "No Brief Candle: Reconceiving the Research Library for the 21st Century" which explores the changing roles of Libraries in the 21st century. Breakout sessions will take place over lunch.

4. Status of Future Programs

Chair Mary Beth Weber will send out a list of programs discussed during the January 2009 Training and Learning Committee meeting. There are a range of potential programs under discussion. One series might look at workplace teams or Libraries Committees, such as those who work in the Scholarly Communication Center, the Committee on Scholarly Communication, other RUL teams and Committees, as well as new faculty, to explore how such teams and groups work together across the Libraries, and the different types of work that takes place in various settings.

5. Survey

After reviewing the draft survey, the following was suggested:

The survey will be prefaced by a statement which introduces the Committee, and states why we are doing the survey, and what can be expected from the survey.

It was asked if, following the receipt of survey responses, the Committee will be in a position to act upon survey results, that is, to offer certain types of training. It was underscored that while the Committee will not be able to act on all results during the first year, we will be able to begin to move on the survey results. Potential partners for activities include the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), University Human Resources (UHR), Unit Computing Specialists, and other groups and individuals.

The Committee will re-review the survey at our next meeting, in March 2009, and it is hoped that the survey might be distributed in April 2009. It was queried whether IRB approval was required before distribution of the Training and Learning Survey.

There was a brief discussion about potential terms for Committee members. One potential suggestion was three- year terms, as well as staggered terms for co-chairs, to ensure continuity. There was discussion about potential members, and how they might be attracted to the Committee. It was deemed important to state in any outreach materials that members should support training and learning efforts, and that cross-campus representation was crucial.

6. TLC Website

The Committee reviewed the Training and Learning sites of other Universities (Ohio State, Princeton, and Yale). The Committee's current site, "Training and Development":
was created to be a "go-to" site for all training resources inside and outside the University, and it was decided to build upon the site that currently exists.

Some suggestions included:

7. Outcomes and Conclusions

Chair Mary Beth Weber will send out a list of programs discussed during the January 2009 Training and Learning Committee meeting

For the March 2009 meeting, it was decided to review our current site, as well as additional potential content. Please post suggestions in sakai before the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday March 18, 2009 from 2 - 3:30 p.m. in the University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library.

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