Minutes of June 17, 2009 Meeting

Mary Beth Weber (Chair), John Brennan, Sara Harrington, Tracey Meyer (via videoconferencing), Holly Muller (via videoconferencing), Donna Wertheimer (recorder), Marilyn Wilt (via videoconferencing)
Lila Fredenburg, Roberta Tipton, Christine Ingram


1. The agenda of the meeting was approved

2. Review and approval of minutes of the May 20, 2009 meeting

The minutes were approved.

3. Training and Learning Coordinator's Report-Marilyn Wilt

June and July Training Programs

Marilyn discussed training and learning programs to be held this summer which included "Enhancing Interpersonal and Organizational Communication" held on June 11 and "Successfully Weathering Change and Transitions" to be held on June 25. In July, programs on Word 2007, Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007 will be conducted by Marcie Anszperger.

Diversity Education Initiatives

Marilyn reported on Diversity Education Programs scheduled for the Summer and Fall. Screening of a three part series entitled "Race: the power of an illusion" will be held on July 15, 22, and 29 followed by a discussion period facilitated by Professor Edward Ramsamy. Marilyn invited students from Upward Bound and EOF to attend these events. Plans for the Fall include a program on Intergenerational Communication as well as another program to be cosponsored with the Disability Committee.

Banned Books Week Programs 9/28-10/3

Plans for Banned Book Week programs are already underway. This year's celebration will include video podcasts, two "challenged" films, as well as two panel sessions.

Professional Development Series at Dana and New Brunswick

After successfully completing the Spring Professional Development Series at Dana, negotiations are underway for a Fall Series at Dana and a similar series at New Brunswick.

Future Endeavors

Marilyn discussed ideas for future programs. She presented Judy Gardner's suggestion for a lunchtime seminar focusing on staff reports from conferences and symposia, such as Ivy's Plus, NJLA etc. Other possible programs concerned the "use of Electronic Gadgets". She is also considering future Diversity Education programs that would focus on Role Identity and Racial Identity as well as a program concerned with Diversity and Storytelling. In addition, she plans to work with the Marketing Committee to identify training needs. Also, Marilyn reported that this year's State of the Libraries with be held on November 12, 2009.

4. Status of Future Programs and Projects

We discussed the future programs and projects presented by Marilyn in her report. The committee agreed that we need to work more closely with the Marketing Committee and that we should investigate possible collaborative projects with the School of Communication and Information.

5. Final Review of TLC Survey

The committee reviewed the purpose of the survey, discussed possible revisions, and examined issues related to the need for IRB approval or exemption. Mary Beth will follow-up with Jeanne Boyle concerning her suggestions. In addition, if necessary, we will look into the steps for committee members to complete the Human Subjects Certification Program.

6. "Media Blast" draft

The committee reviewed Sara's - "Getting to know X" Draft Questions.

After the chair thanked her for her work on this task, we brainstormed ways to implement this initiative. It was decided that we should coordinate with Harry Glazer and select both "new" as well as "older" library employees. Sara volunteered to test the Draft Questions on a TLC member.

7. Outcomes and Conclusions

Summer programs will continue throughout June and July as scheduled.

Marilyn will continue working on Fall programs as described in her report.

Sara will do a sample interview with a TLC member to test the "Getting to Know X" Draft Questions.

Mary Beth will follow-up with Jeanne Boyle about the survey and get in touch with the School of Communication and Information.

We will not meet during the summer, but we will stay in touch electronically.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Wertheimer

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