Minutes of December 17, 2009 Meeting

John Brennan, Sara Harrington (recorder), Tracy Meyer, Holly Muller, Bobbie Tipton (via teleconference), Mary Beth Weber, Donna Wertheimer (via teleconference)
Lila Fredenburg, Christine Ingram, Marilyn Wilt

Executive Summary

The Committee reviewed a "Spotlight" example and will pursue this effort. The Committee's survey will be distributed during the Spring 2010 semester. A number of training and learning session are scheduled for the Spring 2010 semester. Committee members will review the training and learning websites of peer and aspirant institutions.

1. The agenda was approved as submitted.

2. The minutes of the November 18, 2009 meeting were approved with minor corrections.

3. Getting to Know You

The group reviewed the document entitled "Spotlight on Sara Harrington." This was a draft of an effort to showcase newly arrived faculty and/or staff members. After reviewing the page, members offered some suggested format and content revisions, including: add the interview subject's position title and a brief description of official duties, the date the person began in the position, and any contact information that they wish to share. It was also suggested that a question about the person's current work on projects and/or committees of note and interest be included. In terms of format, questions will appear in bold, and answers in normal text.

S. Harrington suggested showing the page to Harry Glazer, who expressed some interest in the "Spotlight" concept from the perspective of the Marking/PR Group. Sam McDonald will be asked if he would be willing to bring the idea to the Web Advisory Committee to see where future "Spotlights" might be situated on the RUL website.

The group also discussed developing a list of faculty and staff that might be featured in a Spotlight, and stated that the Spotlights might be rotated more or less quarterly, according to the seasons.

It was noted that the interview should take place in person, so as to ensure natural-language responses, and then should be transcribed for the interview subject to review. The interview subject will have final say on the interview text and the photo to be used.

4. New Business

Training and Learning Committee Survey

Jeanne Boyle has stated that the Committee may implement its survey. MB Weber noted that there have been a lot of surveys distributed of late, and so as to avoid "survey fatigue" it might be better to implement the Committee's survey slightly later in the Spring 2010 semester.

B. Tipton indicated a willingness to help analyze survey output results obtained through Survey Monkey.

The group discussed the time limit for completing the survey, and settled on one month. Periodic reminders to complete the survey will be emailed to potential respondents.

Peer and Aspirant Training and Learning Websites

The group will examine the training websites of peer and aspirant institutions. Committee members will divide the peer and aspirant list accordingly. This list can be found on the Assessment and Planning page here.

Currently, there are 33 peer and aspirant institutions listed. If each Committee member is willing to review approximately three websites, the Committee should be able to review nearly the entire list. Committee members are encouraged to consider and review both the content and organization of the sites.

Future Training and Learning Sessions

The Marketing Team is interesting in conducting a brown bag on the subject of marketing efforts at the Libraries. Scheduling is currently is being examined, the brown bag may take place in February 2010.

Rhonda Marker and Rich Tedesco may make a presentation on the Rutgers Faculty Survey in March 2010.

MB Weber will check with the Web Services group to see if they wish to offer a session this spring. B. Tipton will check with Haipeng Li to see if he wishes to present on the Chinese American Library Association, and D. Wertheimer will see if Vib Bowman wishes to present on the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association.

5. Outcomes and Conclusion

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

The next meeting is January 20, 2010.

Respectfully submitted, Sara Harrington

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