Minutes of November 12, 2014 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Christine Wolff, Darryl Voorhees, Geoffrey Wood, Michele Tokar, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick


  1. Report on website - Geoff Wood
  2. Review training opportunities
  3. Report on New Employee Handbook - Christine Wolff & Vib Cvetkovic
  4. Discussion of training opportunity and website marketing/promotion - newsletter, emails, etc.

The meeting was called to order at 10 am by the co-chairs, Vibiana Cvetkovic and Christine Wolff. The group took a few minutes to acknowledge Marilyn Wilt and her important role in this groups development and all her wonderful contributions to the libraries.

1. Report on the website-Geoff Wood, convener of the Web Working Group

The Training and Development website is still relatively new and would benefit from an overhaul. The website is the primary driver of information for this group and includes important links for training activities available at Rutgers and outside of Rutgers. In addition, the webpage has a link for the New Employee Handbook. While the website is averaging 100 hits per month, the number still seems relatively low. This is an improvement from the past when the average hits per month was 40. Group suggestions for improvement included sending out a monthly newsletter to garner more attention and changing the webpage format. The group discussed the use of Google Analytics as a tool to measure page usage; Christine can retrieve and supply statistics from Google Analytics.

Geoff noted that there were 6 sections of the current webpage that need attention. Using Geoff's PDCEC website report as a guide, the links that required updating in each section were distributed to committee members. The group will target the December meeting to have these links updated.

2. Review of Training Opportunities

Training opportunities researched by group members were posted to the PDCEC Sakai page. As mentioned at the last meeting, the following opportunities were explored: R. Bronson-Fitzpatrick (NN/LM, METRO, LibraryLinkNJ), D. Voorhees (PC Working Group, NJLA), M. Tokar (ARL), A. Mayo (LLAMA), C. Wolff, V. Cvetkovic (RU HR). When asked if the group found any interesting opportunities, Michele mentioned she found a workshop series on Digital Archives offered through ARL but the training series was near completion. It was mentioned that Library Link NJ could potentially cover up to 75 percent of the cost of a training opportunity. Group members will continue to check the organizations they were assigned on a monthly basis to alert L. Fredenburg when training opportunities of interest arise.

3. Report on new Employee Handbook

Some minor changes and updates were made to the New Employee Handbook. One section that still needs attention is "relocation to Camden," which V. Cvetkovic will work on updating.

4. Discussion of training opportunity and website marketing/promotion - newsletter, emails, etc.

Roberta offered to write a newsletter, if we decide to use that for RUL-wide communication. Perhaps, whenever Erica Parin sends out a training email she could include a link to the Training and Development Webpage. The new State of the Libraries Digital Display page seemed to be a success; the page received over 200 hits in one week.

December 10, 2014 will be the next scheduled meeting date.

Respectfully submitted,
Michele Tokar

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