Minutes of December 10, 2014 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Christine Wolff, Darryl Voorhees, Geoffrey Wood, Rebecca Sloat
Michele Tokar, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, Anthony Mayo


  1. Website update - G. Wood
  2. Review training opportunities
  3. New employee handbook update - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic
  4. New inventory of RUL faculty/staff needs - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic

The meeting was called to order at 10 am by the co-chairs, Vibiana Cvetkovic and Christine Wolff.

Announcements: Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian at Dana Library, will be joining the group. Due to some scheduling conflicts, a doodle poll will be sent out to determine a regular meeting day/time for PDCEC for the rest of the fiscal year.

1. Website update - G. Wood

Wood reviewed the PDCEC website and created a document of changes to be sent to Sam McDonald. Three items need input from PDCEC members. Discussion about the State of the Libraries materials on the site took place, and Wood/Wolff will speak to McDonald about making the presentations permanently available. It was suggested to have a permanent webpage for The State of the Libraries to announce the annual event and to archive previous presentations.

The group decided that the OIT and Microcomputer Support Services links will be removed since they do not offer specific training opportunities. The CTAAR link will have "New Brunswick" added.

The group decided to update the "Training & Development" logo with our new name. While it is the committee's official page, the committee is responsible for the content. Since the focus is on Professional Development and Continuing Education, a consistent wording is appropriate. Wolff will check with McDonald to see if other fonts can be used for the title, and if not, Wood will look into creating a new logo. It was decided to remove the puzzle piece.

Wolff noted that going forward the expectation is that the webpage will feature recommendations for training for faculty and staff, Lynda.com opportunities, State of the Libraries, and other relevant resources.

The group segued to ...

Agenda Item #3 - New Employee Handbook

For now, the group will leave the New Employee Handbook as a LibGuide which facilitates additions and corrections. Upon Marianne Gaunt's retirement, the introduction will need to be re-written. The group discussed adding a visual element to the intro such as the Welcome to Rutgers video or the RUL development video.

2. Review Training Opportunities

Wolff compiled suggestions from all members of PDCEC. Going forward, recommendations should be made 2-3 months in advance. The suggested training sessions will be forwarded to Fredenburg for approval; Erica Parin will schedule, submit payment, announce to RUL and take care of the RSVPs. Wolff suggested creating a calendar (perhaps via Google Calendars) as a way to have PDCEC's events aggregated and accessible to RUL faculty and staff.

4. New inventory of RUL faculty/staff needs - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic

In 2011, an inventory of faculty/staff needs was done. The group will do this again in Spring through a survey of all faculty and staff. The plan is to find out what kinds of training people want and need. The survey will have categories of training and ask individuals to rate their level of interest as well as open-ended questions about how PDCEC can better serve our library community.

For the next meeting, members should review former drafts of the surveys and bring ideas for what should be added to the survey or what questions should be asked.

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Sloat

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