Minutes of February 5, 2015 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Roberta Bronson-Fitzpatrick, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Krista White, Christine Wolff, Geoffrey Wood
Anthony Mayo, Rebecca Sloat


  1. Update re: inventory of RUL faculty/staff needs - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic
  2. Update re: website - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic
  3. Update re: new employee handbook - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic
  4. Review training opportunities
  5. Announcements / information sharing

The meeting was called to order at 10 am by the co-chairs, Vibiana Cvetkovic and Christine Wolff.

Announcements: Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian at Dana Library, was welcomed to the group, with introductions from current members in attendance.

1. Staff Inventory - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic

The group's discussion of distributing a professional development survey continued from the last meeting. In the interim Wolff had approached Lila Fredenburg for suggestions on how to proceed. The preferred method for gathering this information is not a direct survey, but rather to approach management to gather the information from respective units. To this effect, an email will be drafted and sent to a specified list. In the message, we want to encourage both system wide and specialized needs at the local level, and that it is important that everyone has an opportunity for input. We also want to ensure that the process is adaptive to recent and ongoing changes within the organization and the way in which we approach our work. One obvious example is the UMDNJ/Rutgers integration that has and will continue to have an impact on work and professional development needs within RUL.

2. Update re: website - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic

Five updated logo drafts were reviewed, and the consensus was for a simple and clean design. Reworked versions of three of them will be sent out to the group for final approval before the next meeting. The process of checking links and editing has led to a draft of the new website, although the organization of the headings is still in question. We need a more logical arrangement than what is currently displayed. The probable new headings, in order of appearance, will be "New Employee Handbook, Professional Development, Technology Training, and Health and Safety", with the last of these heading being a new addition. The accordion style display will be replaced by links to subpages, which is an improvement in both design and organization of information. This will also enable a more effective approach to monitoring site traffic and areas of interest.

3. Update re: new employee handbook - C. Wolff & V. Cvetkovic

The introduction featuring Marianne Gaunt has been updated for the time being. A revised organizational chart is being reviewed by RUL HR before posting.

4. Review training opportunities

April through June updates should be submitted by March 1st, when calendars will likely be brought further up to date by the various organizations being monitored. Roberta Bronson-Fitzpatrick brought up the NJ Clerical Assistants Group as another potential organization of interest for professional development of support staff.

6. Announcements / information sharing

The next PDCEC meeting will be Thursday, March 5th.

Respectfully submitted,
Darryl Voorhees

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