Minutes of October 12, 2015 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Angela Lawrence, Tracey Meyer, Erica Parin, Darryl Voorhees
Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Sloat, Michele Tokar


  1. Update membership and term information
  2. Outreach initiatives
  3. Next steps

1. Update membership and terms information

New Members Angela Barnes, Tracey Meyer, and Erica Parin were welcomed into the group. Erica Parin volunteered to update the membership and term information on the committee's web page as there have been several recent changes.

2. Outreach initiatives

The group discussed the need to broaden the internal RUL audience via outreach:

3. Next steps

Several of the above were repeatedly mentioned, and nearly all are translatable to needs system-wide. The group noted that individuals sometimes respond more positively to in person training and that different learning modalities need to be accommodated. It was noted that Library Link NJ has a series of programs, including cultural sensitivity, which we may use for our needs via grant funding.

Discussion of projects for 2015-2016

In terms of goal setting, there are three recurring and ongoing themes requiring attention:

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