Minutes of September 22, 2010 Meeting

John Brennan, Sara Harrington (chair and recorder), Rob Hilliker, Elizabeth Leister, Julie Still, Paul Young

Tasks Emerging from meeting

1. The agenda was approved as submitted.

2. Committee members introduced themselves to each other.

3. The minutes for the meeting will be recorded by S. Harrington, subsequently, an alphabetical order will be followed, beginning with "H."

4. Discussion of Sakai Site

All Committee members have "maintain" privileges on the site and are invited to revise the site, as well as suggest new tools for the site (these tools are located under "Site Info" then "Edit Tools").

5. Discussion of Committee Goals for the 2010-2011 Year

Activities for the 2010-2011 year:

The Committee discussed the goals and objectives for the year. It was concluded that most of the Committee's work falls under goal/objective ID and VB. S. Harrington will compose a document listing the goals, objectives, activities, outcomes and indicators for the year, and will distribute it to the Committee for review, and will share it with AUL L. Fredenburg as part of the Libraries goals reporting process.

6. Plan of Work for Creation of Online Tutorial on the Search Process

Since the tutorial discusses the search committee process, the Committee would like, in consultation with AUL L. Fredenburg, to ask S. Troy to participate in the tutorial creation, in order to offer her perspective on the content of the tutorial as it relates to the search process. S. Harrington will write to S. Troy, and, if she agrees, S. Troy will be added to the Sakai site in order to participate in discussions surrounding the tutorial.

It was underscored that the Committee must collaborate with the Libraries Advisory Committee on Diversity and Libraries Human Resources on the tutorial. These groups represent the subject matter experts, and we need input and signoff from them.

Schematically, each module of the tutorial consists of:

J. Brennan agreed to revise the tutorial objectives in order to make them more broadly applicable to the search process.

7. Outreach to Learn of Training Needs

The Committee will develop a list of who should be consulted about training and learning 'needs and wants.' The Committee decided to begin with the AULs, but not to stop there, in order to avoid having taken a merely 'top-down' approach. After preparing the list of groups and individuals to be consulted, committee members will divide up the list. But before engaging in these conversations, TLC will compose a list of talking points / framework for discussion to find out what people are doing, and what training and learning needs would complement their efforts.

The Committee is interested in both training AND learning opportunities, such as those offered as part of the Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (SAPAC) brown bag lunches. Committee members suggested emailing the chair of SAPAC to discuss possible partnerships.

8. Discussion of Management Development Program

J. Brennan will author a brief document, based on the discussion held at the TLC meeting, of his reflections on the Management Development Program. This document will inform TLC work on the selection process for the next iteration of the Management Development Program.

9. Issues Remaining from Last Year and Committee Member Input and Concerns

The group also discussed the Committee charge. Committee members wish to foster a learning organization, and suggested considering reviewing the charge as the new Libraries strategic plan is crafted.

S. Harrington will send an example of the TLC Spotlight around to Committee members to see if this is an initiative that the Committee wishes to continue to pursue.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.

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